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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! I just tried it and it worked nicely - custom stuff for the win! ... Now to get those 60.000 polys down to something reasonable ...
  2. Thank everyone Don't think I have a EAX compatible audio card (I only have the build in kind) ... but one problem at a time Mmmm ... columns!
  3. Hey Taffers! I just wanted to say hello since I'm kinda new here. My friend lured me to start mapping and it's kinda growing on me ... I'm still trying to get him to work with me so he can do all the hard work Some really great maps out there, keep it up! Sound related question: So while I'm fiddling around trying to get a mood going, I found myself in need of reverb volumes ... or you know, volumes which set the acoustics to match a big space, small space etc., but I just can't seem to find anything on it. I recall it being a simple setting or volume when I modded using other editors (fo
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