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  1. Duzenko, i think you might have missinterpretated my meaning. What i mean is I knew theres a hotfix available but was unsure as to what was necessary to install it as the post is old and disjointed seemingly made up from various threads. Having further read that thread I now believe the Hotfix 2.09a is now part of 2.09 as standard. So i guess its still not resolved ? Or am i missing something ? Like i said I need advice on where to start and what to do ! EDIT : Ive re run TDM_INSTALLER.EXE and choosen :- Custom install TDM Version "test15973-8787" works fine, so far !
  2. OK Guys i thought id installed OK but at the end i got a compatability error and when i tryed to launch i got a black screen ! I then tryed to reinstall with compatability settings and the installer said i had installed successfully ! Tryed to launch and got the black screen again. I did a little search on the forums and it's looking like this might be a known problem. Is it a compatability issue with radeon drivers or am i missunderstanding the thread i read ? I have an Asus R9 270 which I hope is still good enough to run this game ! I used to be !! I alreao read about a hotfix but dont wish to do anything untill i get advice. Thanks got your help in advance.
  3. Hi, Ive been taffing away for years but have taken a forced hiatus, due to some over zealous hammers, but am now back. Anyway Im having some issues installing The Dark Mod and last night tryied twice but both times failed with missing 'chunks' ? or some error similair. Toaday it seems to be going along ok , 27 mins left but i notice on task manager that it keeps hanging ! Not Responding !!! but a few seconds pass and its flicks to Responding again, but this is occuring every 10 secs or so... what gives ?
  4. Hey Guys, Just wondering if DR supports the Space Navigator. I can use some of its features in 3D view but only the basic ones. not lift or drop, rotate etc. Would be great to have for mapping as it REALLY great in Sketch Up and Inventor 3D
  5. I think the default textures are missing :/ If i open the texture window and click the reload materials button i get an error "[shaders] Unable to load texture: _default"
  6. Hey guys Im not new to mapping but I am new to Dark Radiant. Im therefore folloing springheels tutorial series on utube and having only started am only at the prefab stage. Ive installed as instructed both the prefab and the models but when i select the building exteriours they fail to load. I do see some components displayed in the preview window but mostly they are corrupt. eg missing textures, invisable etc. Can you suggest what i need to check to rectify this ? Thanks Keep on taffing
  7. OK Guys I'm starting to loose my temper Only Kidding. But seriously, whats up with this Mission. At the start it felt crude but as it progressed i got more into it but now i feel like it was rushed at the end to get released as there are so many issues. I used No clip to get past the High Priest ( why has this never been fixed ? ) and can now get into his "office" I got some loot and achieved the 2700 in gold objective but for the life of me I cant complete the "Explore the Tower further to find the source of this abnormality. On a side note quite a few doors wont open. One in the battlements, The door to the High Priests Bedroom and some others. WTF. Without NO CLIP this mission is unplayable or unfinish-able. Is this the mission or 2.06 or 64 bit issue ? If I've missed something please give me a hint. Cheers Keep on Taffing and Stick to the Shadows Garrett2014 EDIT : I've Since completed the mission. I had over looked Griez's diary thus the afore ye mentioned "explore the tower further" part was thus ye outstanding. Overall I enjoyed the mission. It was tough and that's good but, and you knew there had to be a but. Some items are just too well hidden and its more luck or being VERY methodical in my case that got me through. I explored every nook, checked every piece of furniture etc and still missed stuff. one big oversight was overlooking the diary, obviously. Good i spent ages looking to complete that final objective but I also missed the key to the central tower. !!! So guess who had to climb all they way to the top on the outside of the tower only to come back down to get the key to the lighthouse to turn about and go back up !!! Yup that would be me. And that was after much searching for keys, hidden hatches etc etc to find a way up. The whole thing with the High Priest really was icing on the cake though. Without knowing that your gas arrows are indispensable a player may use them on some awkward guard thus when he encounters the High Priest its a game braking, mission failing, position to be in. OK so NoClip saved they day. Alternatively old school players just restart the mission. I've no time for that these days though. So if you don't have a gas arrow your well and truly stuffed. OK Noclip as mentioned but its so immersion breaking that I hate using it, however i was so frustrated toward the end that i ended up scouting the entire map to see if i had missed anywhere. I hadn't. I think, for me, that while i liked the mission it just didn't flow well. Too many bugs, To many irritations like candles that couldn't be extinguished, doors that wouldn't open and i'm not meaning locked doors either, i mean doors that i had passed through previously but on returning later i found them inoperable. Sometimes with the handle stuck in the downward position. Guards clipping architecture during their patrol path, Guards stuck behind doors. Also the furniture inside the church lobby that clips with the inner doors when you open them. That is so obvious but yet it wasn't fixed. And many many transparent textures again spoiling immersion. I really want to give credit because I can see the work involved in this but while its a great attempt it missed the mark and was just too damn frustrating to play when there are simply do many other great maps and games out there.
  8. Drink NASTY water ! >< LMFAO Shits n Giggles
  9. Hi guys, Not sure if this is possible but is there any way to climb down ? I'm currently playing around on the tower in Betrayal by Fieldmedic. Its kinda cool albeit a little buggy. Anyway I was hoping their's a mechanism to allow my character to climb down or over from window ledges until your hanging and then drop down onto the ledge below. Kinda Ala Lara Croft. If we cant do this then maybe we should think about adding it in the next patch as this mechanic would add a new dimension to map design ! Your Help is always appreciated. Keep on Taffing and stick to the shadows Garrett2014
  10. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the mission wont allow you to kill ANY LIVING THING :/ The undead are particularly bad at pathfinding in the tunnel from the Mint through past the Lift Shaft to the mine cart railway tunnel. Its Only when you have been spotted and they chase you. I think if they leave there predetermined patrol route that the wall climbing occurs. Likewise the undead in the Storage area in front of the mint will try to climb over the back of the lift if your on the otherside and get stuck there. I also notice that there are textures or a vertice missing from the corner inside the Mint so you can see the interiour of the Mission Map. Ive just returned to TDM and dont recall how to use Noclip ? Can you eleborate further please as i dont wish to restart the mission at this late stage.
  11. Hi Guys, hope someone out there can help with a problem which i think is a glitch. Ive just downloaded and installed TDM 2.06 which i think is the latest version. Also im running the 64 bit version. Ive got everything turned on basically and it mostly runs well. Hoewever I have noticed many Pathfinding issues with the AI. From the Skeletons climbing walls and getting stuck behind the lift to guards running in circles and glitching with the walls. Some seem to wander from there patrol paths and cant open doors or get stuck in the inside or outside of a doorway. I just put it down to a poorly done mission but in general im enjoying it which is the main thing ! ANYWAY. without meaning to give too much away Im on the upper level og the top level. Im in the stairwell next to the Archbishops ? bedroom. No Curios but the one at the other end of the accomodation. Im trying to access the corridor or brridge to the church rooftop but the damn archbishop is stuck on the stair. Ive tryed everything to get past him but he just bleats for help and wont budge. Its just as the stair roof alters headspace. Perhaps the ragdol mesh or something along those lines dosent fit there. Anyway the door on the otherside, above the stairway to the citadel is locked and cant be picked and i dont have a key for it. So unless this door is also glitched in someway or ive missed the key for it then getting past the archbishop is the only way into the church atttic. I really dont know what to do at this point. It seems the top lewvel in general is the most bugged. Ive noticed in the forums that theres a version refered to as v1.1 but mine dosnet mention this and i dont know where to find it if this would resolve the bugs i dont know. Can anyone help ?
  12. Ahhh well no matter. Will update to 2.02 and then restart the mission. Was worth a try . Thanks for the advice guys.
  13. Hi SteveL, I expected this but my problem is my current save is corrupt in some way. See my initial description on this post ! I haven't upgraded nor wish too until i complete the current mission but it wont load. It keeps crashing ! If i haven't upgraded from 2.00 then what else could possiabally be the issue ? Is there any way to try to recover my saved position ?
  14. Hi Taaaki , Ive just checked and I'm still version 2.00 !!! :/ I hadn't realized there were updates out ! So whats my course of action now. Should I update or will that really bugger up my save pos ?
  15. Hey Guys, I experienced a crash the other night and now when i try to load my save game i get the same error every timee ! it reads as follows :- Error : idRestoreGame : Initialize Cache : bad cache offset (0) Is there a quick fix for this or do i need to restart the mission ? I hope not as im well in now and dont want to have to retrace my steps again. Thanks for your help and looking forward to future missions
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