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  1. Hi Obstorte, this was a perfect mission for me. Needed a couple of reloads, but it was otherwise perfect game. Well done. . Just one question: On top of the treasure vault tower is a ladder leading up to trapdoor, which seems to be fake. Is it? If so, that's the only weak spot in the map for me. Would have loved to get on spy-position to check out guard routes from there.
  2. Hi, I simply want to express my thanks to anybody who has helped creating this awesome game in any way. Just to let you know, I'm enjoying myself greatly based on your work - and I appreciate it.
  3. Special FM plot idea (might require different scripting)
  4. Hi, I'm new and with limited spare time on my hand (which I prefer to play all those fantastic missions out there! Thanks a lot to all of you!!), but I would like to help out with a little bit of my creativity as well. So what could I do? I thought I start this thread as a source for small and big plot-ideas to be picked up by FM creating teams and authors. I'll but them all in as "spoilers" so that people not interested in looking into it don't accidently stumble into it. If such a thead already exits, excuse me for not fining it an just merge..
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