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  1. Is there something wrong with the forums lately, or is it my browser? I've been having trouble formatting posts, and just now I couldn't format anything at all.

    I'm using Vivaldi.

    Usually I have to: select text, click bold, nothing happens, select again, click bold, then it works. 

    Same for other stuff, like creating spoilers, bullet points, links. Nothing works the first time. 

    1. datiswous


      I have no problem. I use Firefox. @Zerg Rush also uses Vivaldi. Have you tried without extensions, or in another browser?

      (btw. bold, italic and underline have shortcut keys: Ctrl B, Ctrl I and Ctrl U, you could try that)


  2. Going from DarkRadiant to Trenchbroom feels like a big step back. It's great at geometry (prevents invalid brushes and vertex drifting like no other), but... that's about all. It's terribly underdeveloped. So far behind on so many things...

    Unfortunately it seems to be the only option for my Godot projects, as editors like DR and Hammer are too tied to the engines/games they were made for. (Hammer probably even has a license wall or something, anyway.)

    Sorry, just needed to let this out. :)

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    2. Skaruts


      I've been doing some baby steps in creating a level editor myself, but... I've no idea what I'm doing. Took me quite a while to figure out how to even do 2d and 3d views, and the rudimentary selections that are already implemented. It's still very buggy and useless (even got errors while recording :)).


      It's completely unknown grounds for me. Probably more than I can chew.

    3. datiswous


      I don't actually really understand what you see in Godot. Do you map in an editor and then load the map into godot and then you see it in 3d view? How does it work with entities? Or do you just map the basic brushes and in Godot add the interactive game elements and scripts?

    4. Skaruts


      Yes, the importer generates a mesh from the geometry in the .map file (and separate meshes from brush entities) and you see that in the 3D view in Godot. And it also may place entities if you set it up for that. That part tends to be a bit tricky. In some cases it's mere substitution, like the player start entity just places the player node there, but in other cases it may need a more involved process, where you make a script that gets the spawnargs so you can set up, for example, a light with the settings that you defined in the level editor.

      Some people only do the geometry in TB and then manually set up everything else in Godot. I personally don't like that. Ideally I'd do everything in the level editor, just as we do in DR for TDM.

      That's ultimately what I'm aiming for. That and also not even needing to import maps into Godot. I'd like to come up with an automated way for the game to do the same thing at runtime, just like TDM does with `dmap`.

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