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  1. Hey, can you guys at TDM add me in Team list (as contributor or whatever suits me), I'm applying some job and that would really help me.. I'll continue contributing after regaining my health(in about one month I guess..). Thanks a lot, really appreciate every member of TDM and contributor, you've done some really hard and lovable work
  2. I asked springheel to export TDM's models usable as decals and trash into .obj or any other format from .lwo, but one month has passed and no result yet. On decals - those few and couple others which I didn't finish threw depression onto me(took too long time each to finish), and I've got some serious health issues because of it (funny, but true), so... To say truth, your words were bit of remedy, cheers!..
  3. So, nothing given for one month... not good... But, I've made not-so-useful decals: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4vuchn
  4. (It shouldn't take more than couple hours I believe.. Anyway, couple weeks it should be enough for convertation..) Well, and how do you get locations of each file's textures? I mean, you have them listed somewhere?
  5. I'm taking vacation for couple weeks, and later on I'm thinking to create what TDM lacked so so much - trash. (models of piles of pebbles, stones, dirtiness, bricks, some real trash, etc. To give you an example - it was heavily used (for it's clear advantage) in Dishonored), also I'm thinking on creating random decals(TDM really lacks it too). For that time, I'd be really glad if you (or somebody here) provides me obj files of all usable models from Dark Mod (like bottles, chairs, crates, etc, etc)
  6. I mean, I guess I forgot to do it, but wooden parts should use barrel's "bottom" texture(original barrel had two textures, one for body, and one which hadn't metal parts in it)..
  7. Uh, the wooden parts should use another texture :I
  8. Please tell me what you think about barrels, it's nothing especial, and I'm interested if you like it, or it's too much "low"?
  9. Barrels, I've made some gibs for mappers to place wherever they wish, why TDM doesn't support gibs system?.. https://www.sendspace.com/file/1cw38y Well, tell me what you think Well, I fixed what wasn't broken, but I always felt it needed a bit of improvement(edited normal and created specular maps for crates): https://www.sendspace.com/file/m9kb1t And about this too I'll make gibs and few broken model for crates soon. (actually, waiting for someone to upload .obj of them..)
  10. All and every (I'm just using those textures, not creating new ones(at least didn't create for barrels))
  11. Hey, also, do you have original wooden texture used in barrel? (without metal parts) And, can you do same for wooden boxes too? (give me texture names, and models of boxes) Will be really thankful
  12. Can you export that barrel model into 3ds or obj or (preferably) fbx format?
  13. I'm not sure about how collision model should be named, or does engine support colored specular? Or, should I be uploading them here or?.. And so on. https://dl.dropboxus.../ArabHelmet.zip I'm using Max and can't seem to import those models :| (And, weirdly you've got textures, few textures per model?.. With no specular?..) some textures are lot more realistic, some are just cartoonish.. Some models (boxes as I recall) have no smoothing groups in-game.. Just, so greatly done game with random bugs like those..
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