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  1. I am watching this project with interest and check back on this thread every now and again; This will be the thing that gets me back into TDM big time I think. Also, I know it's way too early in development to start suggesting shit so I was gonna wait until this was further along in development past the "Shit, can we even get this working and keep it up to date with the game's current version?" stage, but Vman339 basically all but peer pressured me into starting to give feedback since they're a person as passionate about this game as I am about my VR headset. Last time I played this (which was a reasonable while back and probably a much earlier version), it was more than a bit difficult to understand where your arrow was gonna land when you shot it since your head was independent of your bow and arrow, and having a 3D perspective where the bow and arrow was meant to be operated with a 2D one complicated things even further. I think it would be great to have an optional arrow trajectory indicator like a blue/greenish laser dot (colored after Garrett's new eye) or something along the lines of that specifically for this mod; This is if I assume correctly that it won't ever operate on straight up motion controls like something like say, the Doom 3: Fully Possessed Mod. Apologies if this has been already suggested or already exists in a more recent version. Anyway, thanks for working on this project, TDM has huge potential in VR if you can wrangle the UI and mechanics well enough.
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