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  1. The Tears of Saint Lucia No Honor Among Thieves A Score To Settle St. Albans Cathedral and great, great fan mission, a personal favorite, The Heart of Lone Salvation.
  2. I already stated here how much I liked this epic mission of yours but I feel like saying it one more time! No sentence can stress enough how much I enjoyed every aspect of this mission but here it goes >> THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY ONE OF THE GREATEST MISSION I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN GENERAL!!!
  3. Heeeey, what did you do??? How did you fix it?? I have the same problem now, I'm stuck with 640x480 res. and the graphics are all shity. I have no idea what's going on? I have played TDM earlier on a worst pc than this and everything worked like a charm.. Now I have ati Radeon HD4850.. same thing happens when I start Doom3.. I read on FAQ that I should first restart D3.. what does that mean? like, restart the game or reinstall it.. ? Anyway, shity graphics, low resolution.. fix how???
  4. EPIC MISSION!!! when I've finished it it sad that I've been playing it for 4 hours and 45 minutes, but actually I've been on this level for 3 days and it seemed like eternity.. Such magnitude, brilliant complexity and engaging storytelling I've never encounter before( of course I lie, fallout1, thief1 and deus ex1 fit this description perfectly)... one of the greatest mission I've ever played that's for sure. I can't find the exact word to describe this masterpiece. Bravo Fidcal & Baddcog! Make something like this again.... P.S. when I saw spiders chilling in the courtyard, I felt more like Garrett then Farrell.. in other words I liked it... mike
  5. While I'm still here just want to state one thing about combat mechanics. I am apsolutely blown away with how melee is done!!!! As I remember some of the guys were not so pleased with melee, saying it's odd, it's doesent work, it's to hard... Well It works and it's PERFECT and I like it because of it complexity(when I remember that retarded one button swinging in thief 3 I want to throw up)!!! Here everything works, it just needs practice. I mean man, it feels so good when you get into system (it does take some time, but believe you me, when you get used to the fighting mechanics the melee becomes so rewarding). First time I steped into arena I couldn't know my head from my ass.. but time passes and you get to know how it's done, then you're getting used to use various swings and later they start to make perfect sense... and then all of a sudden you are paring with two guards and it looks and it feels great. I couldnt stress harder how much I'm pleased with what TDM guys have done with this. It's like, I'm parring with hammerite for more than half a minute cos of his thick armor, I block his overhead swing, then I stab him in the stomach with the low swing, flank him left and left swing his neck, blood splashes and the best thing is that this is not as easy as it sounds!!!! I really liked how looking glass have done sword parring too, but this is uber advancement!!! congratulations TDM!! and thanks one more time.. mike
  6. well, I can tell you one thing, the crashes are still there but they occur less frequently... maybe once in every 20min, and I tell you man, it's only when they kill me in melee arena. I would say that this helped to prolong the time till crash happens. And when it does it's that classic crash that says "doom3 has stoped working"... thanks for your help anyways:D
  7. I do have ati card, tried what you suggested, but unfortunately with no luck. thanks anyway bro, it's really no big deal, all I have to do is get better at melee so I don't die or save just in front of the arena:D anyways I should be gratefull cos no bigger problems did ocur... everything goes smooth, every fm I play goes perfect (except "return to the city" which lags a bit and it pisses me of since everybody praise the mission:D) cheers aidakeeley
  8. I have a minor problem with training... when I enter melee room, after some time of sparing game just crash! and that happens right in the moment when I die... I mean, it's a minor problem and it happens only here( I read here that I could probably solve this problem with a catalyst)... everything else is working perfect and it's apsolutely beautiful. I am still in shock, can't believe that I'm playing this. I mean, when I played saint lucia it just had that feeling, I had it in my stomach! THAT WAS IT!!! thief how it meant to be:D You guys did a great job and I salute you.. mike P.S. sorry for the bad english...
  9. First of all, since I'm new, before I ask my pretty obvious question, want to say great hello to all the members and the saluting hello to broken glass team. I first played thief when it came out, in 1998 (I am now 23). After that I don't recall EVER AGAIN having the same experience with any other game.... pretty sure this was a stupid remark since I am phrasing it in a place where everybody worship either Builder or Woodsie:) nevertheless, I fail to understand how I didn't bump across this beautiful project years earlier, since I myself in a period of time used to surf the net day and night in order to fix some of the problems regarding thief-the dark project... came across tons of sites.. but never this one. Recently from eidos came a word that they have started developing Thief4...since lead designer stated that their main exemplar is Assassins Creed (not Ken Levin's brilliant storytelling, nor atmospheric sensation from T1 and T2) I was pretty sure it was going to be as good as Thief3 (which is not good at all). Word's cannot express how I felt when I find out that there are some folks out there, mid 20's or so, conceptual artists, designers, programmers, that are fanatics of thief concept and steampunk itself, and are devotedly developing for FIVE YEARS a project of their own in order to reinvent and reanimate thief series(1,2) as it once was, and as it suposed to be!!! Now, there may be under my name a word newbie, but I'm top when it comes to intellectual and spiritual comprehend of thief(don't consider this braging, just want to state that thief has been very long in my life, pretty sure every member fells the sameGentlemen of the BROKEN GLASS STUDIO, I SALUTE THE!!! And not just because you did it, but because you have been doing it for five long years!!! You have followed your dream and made it come true. Put so many precious time into it and that is priceless! I have spoken to some of my collegues, worshiper of thief series like my self, and in the name of us all, THANK YOU, YOUR WORK IS APPRECIATED!!! And finally the question:D In your earlier statement you sad that your project consists of two stages: first, to release a set of tools so fans could make their own maps(which is what we have now- the dark mod, beta). second, that you will eventually create your own unique campaign. And when I say unique campaign I dont mean fan mission archive. Not that I dont appreciate all the folks who put their intellectual effort to create their own unique mission which I'm absolutely certain will enjoy playing( and I am aware that 2 of 3 missions were made by broken glass crew) Now, dont take amiss, for sure you have stated this already( I just cant find it where:) but what I wanna know is will there be a CAMPAIGN campaign, the legit and rightful campaign all done by The Broken Glass Studio people? You have all the necessary means. And I think that would be absolute culmination of all those years of hard programming, scripting, concept designing, model designing........ GREETINGS AND ONCE MORE, THANKS... Mike
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