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  1. Then the hint is badly phrased because throwing stuff at it is exactly what the note says, and the area is littered with plenty of throwable objects that make it look that that was the intended solution.
  2. Incorrect. Becuase I *was* throwing from a side angle. It still just shoved it into a corner of the windowsill where even arrows wouldn't get it out.
  3. Okay thanks. It makes sense to do it that way. But perhaps it might be a good idea to mention on the score report screen somewhere that that's how it works. A simple one line that says "The lower the score the better. A perfect score is 0." on the screen would be helpful.
  4. Incorrect. What I was trying to refer to was definitely a thing that depended on how physics responds. It had to do with throwing. Specifically, It was
  5. (i.e. like golf) Because that's the only way it makes any sense to me, since more severe discoveries seem to cause larger scores.
  6. My frustration with this level was that even if you try to do the alternate route correctly to avoid the guard and follow the clues it's still not really workable because one of the steps you have to accomplish to access the alternate route seems to be based on the random luck of the physics engine happening to do something differently than it usually does, so you have to try again and again until finally the luck breaks your way on ... uh... the thing you have to do that it would be a spoiler to mention what it is. I spent about half an hour trying again and again and again until finally the
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