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  1. So I'm working my way thruogh the brilliant A-Z Beginner Guide, when I ran into a bit of a problem. On page 3, it tells you how to put in a prefab sky. The problem I'm having is that when I'm in DarkRadiant and right-click on the grid view and select "Insert Prefab", I get an error message. It says "The folder contents could not be displayed: Error stating file 'C:/Program Files\Doom 3\darkmod\prefabs': No such file or directory" I figure I must be missing the prefab folder and all its contents. Any idea where I can get it from or where it's gone?
  2. OK, n00b question for you. Probably a really simple one at that. I'm looking to texture one side of a wall with one texture, and the other side with another. How on Earth can I do this? If I select the wall, the whole wall is selected. Is there a way to select just one side of a wall?
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