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  1. This must be the best FM for the DarkMod EVER ! I mean, seriously, it has the best lighting/architecture/design/story ratio I have seen up to this day. Who are those people that DID NOT give this mission a "near perfect" rating in the poll ?! again, my most sincere congratulations for your outstanding work, Bikerdude.
  2. Thanks for your help, Fidcal. I appreciate it. Will try that, as soon as I get home
  3. Hey there, I really love the beveled decor carpets, some of you guys put on your stairs. Tried to copy that numerous times but unfortunately I just can't get the carpet texture to align correctly with their bevel patches. Is there a secret technique to get them right ? i just can't imagine someone aligning the textures manually via shift and arrow keys ... I browsed through the wiki a bit and even tried the texture tool in DR, no luck yet though. So, if any of you had the time to pass on your knowlege... that would be awesome thanks, Kalwin
  4. Thanks for the table hints but as it turns out, I stumblet upon a way to fade the texture using shader parms and some code. I found that once the condition of an if statement is met, doom iterates the stage endlessly (sort of like a while loop?). So I thought about, only changing one value in small steps over script. Once it reaches 1 the fade wont repeat and the material remains solid. The result might be akward but works unlike my initial aproach with tables. textures/i/black_fader_test { translucent //diffusemap textures/special/black { if ( parm7 == 0 ) //fade in blend blend map textures/special/black alpha Parm8 } { if ( parm7 == 1 ) //fade out blend blend map textures/special/black alpha Parm8 } { if ( parm7 == 2 ) // visible blend blend map textures/special/black alpha 1 } } void fade_loop(entity obj, float dip) { float i; if (dip == 0) { // fade in for(i=0; i <= 2; i=i+0.02) { sys.waitFrame(); obj.setShaderParm(8, i ); } } else { // fade out for(i=1; i >= 0; i=i-0.02) { sys.waitFrame(); obj.setShaderParm(8, i ); } } } void fade(entity obj, float dip) { //thread fade_in_loop(obj); thread fade_loop(obj, dip); obj.setShaderParm(7, dip ); } i wrote it into some functions, just in case someone might want to use it. Regards, Kalwin
  5. Sounds great! Unfortunetly there is no such function. Checked all over tdm_events and doom_events but no sign of an encumbrance setter. Tried searching for keywords like "walk", "enc" or "move" but no reults. In case you remember the name or have a hint, please tell me. For the fading texture: table solidFadeOut {{ 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 } } textures/i/black_fader_test { translucent //diffusemap textures/special/black { if ( parm7 == 0 ) //fade in blend blend map textures/special/black alpha sinTable[ (time * 0.25) ] } { if ( parm7 == 1 ) //visible blend blend map textures/special/black alpha 1 } { if ( parm7 == 3 ) //fade out blend blend map textures/special/black alpha solidFadeOut[ (time * 0.25) ] } { if ( parm7 == 4 ) // invisible blend blend map textures/special/black alpha 0 } } Works..kind of. The only problem beeing, once it starts fading in, it does so in a loop. For example if parm7 is 0, the material will endlesly fade in over and over. However, I need the material to stay visible/invisible after it has been faded in/out. I tried various quick and dirty ways to accomplish this. Like, catching the material per sys.wait() once its faded out and setting its alpha channel to 0 ( parm7 == 4). But this is more than inaqurate and works only from time to time. Am I missing something ?
  6. wow, thanks Tels. Exactly what I was looking for Somehow the standart implementation for custom languages in notepad++ is a bit weak.So, I thought about writing a custom lexer plugin for smarter highlighting in def files. Unfortunetly C is beyond me, so the highlighter will remain in it's xml bounds. New version by the way. As soon as I have the time, autocompleting will be next Regards, Kalwin
  7. Thanks Isthvan. There is indeed a setTeam(). Transparency seems to remain a problem though. As soon as I get around the problem I will post it here. Eventhough I doubt that anyone will find use for such an exotic shader.
  8. Thanks for the hint, Mortem Desino. Didn't know about tdm_events. Features extacly the commands I have been looking for. By the way. Updated the definitions. One more thing I will need for autoupdate: what are your top 5 most used scripting commands/ mrt lines? Further, I will try to integrate Serpentines material shader definititions. So, is there any complete command reference for mrt files ? Regards, Kalwin
  9. So it works then ? In case it still doesn't I made a couple of screenshots to show what i did to make it work. After the xml has been pasted/altered Notepad++ must be closed and restarted. I hope this will fix it. If not your last bet would be updating your notepad++, eventhough it's quite obvoius that won't do anything. But you never know. Further, I plan to include some autocompletion functionality for frequently used commands as well as merging the xml with serpentines material file definitions (if he agrees). Regards, Kalwin
  10. Youre right, its supposed to be under User-Defined. I deinstalled and reinstalled Notepad++ (5.6.6). Then tried methode 1. Works just fine. I suspect your userDefineLang.xml ends up in the wrong folder (eventhoug %appdata% should take you to the right place automaticly). Since I use win7 the xml should be copied to C:\Users\[your_username]\ AppData\Roaming\Notepad++. Jugding from your screen shot you use either xp or win98, so the folder should be located elsewhere. However we can find out. Do a search for stylers.xml, you should end up in a folder that contains the files: Compare.ini, config.xml, contextMenu.xml, session.xml, shortcuts.xml, stylers.xml and a plugins folder. Thats the one.
  11. Deleted and replaced the file. Seems to work. I take you already restarted notepad++ ? The Doom 3 option should show up near the userdefined item at the bottom of the drop down list. I took the extraction info from: http://www.codelain.com/forum/index.php?topic=8182.0
  12. Hello everyone, This xml file features all the information notepad++ needs to highlight important keywords of the doom engine for scripting, writing up material shaders or defs. The language definitions will be updated as I find something to add. How to set it up: -> browse to %appdata%\notepad++\ -> now you have two options 1.) replace userDefineLang.xml 2.) add the whole <UserLang name="Doom3" ext=""> Block to your existing userDefineLang.xml -> select Doom3 from the language tab in Notepad++ -> enjoy Download Regards, Kalwin
  13. Sorry for the typo there. Of course dip originally reffered to dip1. Though the solution stays the same. New questions by the way
  14. It seems the loop doesn't respond to globaly declared variables? Oh well... i declared within the procedure. It finally works! Thanks Fidcal
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