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  1. Hehe, I recently made a thread asking how to remove giant spiders, since those scare me badly. I don't have a problem with the undead, unless I'm looking at some from way too up close perhaps... either way I know the feeling well. All I know is that the official FM list on the website has a field mentioning which maps have undead and / or giant spiders. Not fully sure how to remove them yet, but this was discussed in my spiders thread... apparently you can nullify the entities to remove them, if you're okay with some cheating.
  2. I understand they're not bad creatures as well. Even if insects creep me out, I hate the idea of killing any, and I even think most are nice in their way. Like I said, a phobia like mine isn't a conscious fear of spiders nor related to thinking I might be in any danger, but an uncontrolled hardwired reaction that gives me a strong negative feeling upon seeing one. It makes no sense really... but it's there.
  3. I was thinking about that as well. But we'd need to suppress the animation system, so TDM won't crash when it notices a spoon doesn't have the properties of the spider model. I don't know enough about how idTech4 expects entities to work to say if this is possible, but I assume it would take some rather complex scripting.
  4. That's interesting, and sounds like a different form than mine. For me, the fear isn't really about spiders being there, such as worrying that they might bite me or be a danger... but it appears to be strictly related to their appearance and the way they look, hence why they scare me both IRL and on a screen. I know that IRL, I could hold a normal spider in my hand and absolutely nothing bad would happen... yet for some reason it scares me like hell to even see a larger one.
  5. I got to the third mission... but I cannot finish it due to a bug
  6. I left the script darkmod/def/zzz.def as well, but still nothing. I'll try giving it the same file name as the spider definition file, and see if that overwrites it. Hoping to do this without having to hack the missions or game data.
  7. I tested the idea rich_is_bored posted, but it doesn't seem to work. I created a zzz.def file, put it in a def folder, archived the folder as a zip type archive with the name zzz.pk4, and put this in the file: // Remove giant spiders for players with arachnophobia entity atdm:ai_spider{ inherit "target_null" } entity atdm:ai_spider_child{ inherit "target_null" } entity atdm:ai_spider_huge{ inherit "target_null" } entity atdm:ai_spider_huge02{ inherit "target_null" } entity atdm:ai_spider_thin{ inherit "target_null" }
  8. Very useful tips, PranQster Sotha and rich_is_bored! Next time I'll try 'r_showtris 1' and see if I feel differently about them in wireframe mode. If not, I'll go with changing atdm:spider_large into target_null, and create a pk4 to do this automatically if such is indeed possible. The later sucks because it means cheating, but it's better than not playing the mission at all or going through heavy discomfort to do so.
  9. It's weird for me as well really. I can only describe it as some spiders causing me a strong uncomfortable feeling when I see them, even if it's on a screen or drawing. I know they're just a 3D animation and don't really have a problem knowing they're next to me in-game (which I terribly would IRL), as long as I don't see them. And yeah, they're obviously part of the mission and making them go away would ruin things. I guess my only choices are either not playing, or using cheat codes. Since I don't do it to cheat the map on purpose, I assume using noclip to get past such areas is excusable.
  10. Never mind... I managed to walk the rest of the way without using noclip, and got past the cave. Just finished the first mission and it was nice! Will do the other two missions tomorrow, and will probably post a complete opinion afterward.
  11. I use noclip to find hidden areas often, but don't usually save with it, since it gives me the impression that I cheated and broke the game. In this case however, I'll have to do either that, or edit the map to remove just the spiders. Phobias and the mind can be interesting things at times
  12. Finally, a multi-mission campaign for TDM! Unfortunately I can't play this myself, which makes me rather jealous. I have a phobia for spiders, and no trick I can use will get me past the caves with giant spiders in them... believe me, I tried I have however seen the beginning of the first mission. I love the voice acted movie, and the scripted camera showing the main objectives. The detailed descriptions make you understand the mission and feel that purpose
  13. Yeah, I'm wondering about alarms with these two components: The AI becomes alerted when hearing the alarm and runs to the noise source, and the AI can itself press the button to sound an alarm when becoming alert through other means. I understand that the first works, but there are issues with making the second thing possible?
  14. Nice. I played nearly 30 missions so far, but never saw alarms anywhere so I thought they don't exist. And I remember seeing Thomas Porter in the mission list, but since it's a long series I decided to leave it for a bit later... will do!
  15. Fixing fear of spiders is harder and likely not something I'll do in the next years, since it's a hard-coded phobia I was for some reason born with. As for knowing when a mission contains them, that's not really a problem, since I just quit the mission once I notice them. Problem is that some good missions have them, and I hate being unable to play them and having to skip. So I was wondering if there is any (legit) way or a trick to stop seeing them in missions, like temporarily disabling NPC rendering.
  16. This is a fun element which exists in most stealth games, yet I haven't seen any TDM missions with it. Surprising given how simple it would be to script... but in any case I'm very intrigued by the idea. The way I imagine alarms working is by having a button trigger a speaker and potentially a red light which blinks. The speaker can be located in a different place from the button, although my favorite alarm type are those where the button and the speaker are both part of a device on the wall. They could definitely work well with TDM's theme: On medieval missions, the alarm can be a bell you
  17. So I need help with a slightly more unusual problem I often encounter in TDM. Feel free to laugh if you can't help it... in either case, I do need a solution so I can play certain missions. The problem is that in real life, I have a phobia for most insects and especially spiders. Many TDM missions have giant spiders in them. Apparently, even if it's just 3D graphics on a darn screen, I cannot deal with seeing them from up close... neither dead nor alive. In the mission Alberic's Curse, I managed to progress through the catacombs by disabling sound, minimizing the window to 800 x 600, and usi
  18. Just played both parts... nice mission! My opinion on both is generally the same, which is: Good story and ideas (especially in P1) but I can't say I liked the map design as much. Even if nice open cities and the home designs themselves look good, I think the town layout lacks detail and is too simple and repetitive. The indoor areas are nice, and the museum was quite large and nicely detailed
  19. I went through this mission today (the v2 version). It's a mission I really liked, and I hope I'm not improperly necroposting by wanting to say that Since this 5 years old I assume spoilers don't matter as much: I liked the gameplay and nicely integrated story the most. Namely the fact that on a relatively small map, there are several houses, which the player gets a chance to enter through doors as well as windows on rooftops (lots of climbing). In each there is a different person or family with a different story and relationship to their neighbors, as you can tell from the notes and logs y
  20. I like the projected texture approach most. I wonder how to make the window light move with the window when it opens however... since this would likely be wanted for interactive windows as well.
  21. Awesome. Will scons generate it automatically, or will I need a special compilation flag? In either case I shall try it ASAP after the release!
  22. Ahhh, nice! Will love seeing a part 2 for sure Hope there will still be a modern fancy hotel to explore.
  23. Thank you! I should read up on how to get all of those features working... like how a mission can blacklist the stock weapons, how to best script weapon amount limitation, how to handle the keybind problem, etc. The hardest part is having to edit and re-export the 1st person view hands, if the sword / blackjack can't be replaced via scripting only... but that's a good occasion to use more specific animations as well, so I guess it's not so bad. I only use Blender 3D however, and don't even know how to import / export the formats used by idTech4. But if all goes well, I might sometime create
  24. I know a map that might be using multiple skyboxes: Business as Usual. In the tower where you have to knock out a guard, you can't see anything under you, only the lights coming from city windows in the dark.
  25. I already have the SVN repository and can compile the engine from there. I was wondering if it will be in a different repository or branch. If not I'll just 'svn update' and check it out once the commit is in!
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