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  1. Big thank you to Stumpy for the spoilers
  2. This is a great mission, but I am stuck trying to find the ()/Spoiler) third clue. I have tried tapping around the stairs in the sewer, but can't find it. Also cannot find ()/Spoiler) where the brick is once you are down the chain in the red bricked area. Many thanks
  3. Hello, new member here. I am stuck unable to get into library. I understand Wickish has the key, but I've BJ'd him and turned him around but it isn't there. Is it hidden in the Office room? Spoiler needed please. Ta.
  4. Hello, new member here. I am on Heart of Lone Salvation Mission, having already coshed Wickish in his office, but he didn't have the library key - how did you get in please?
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