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  1. Okay, at least I managed to complete the mission. With the exception of my "big problem", it was again a great experience! Some remarks from my side:
  2. Yes, and finally it works. I was able to shoot at him, and with about 1/3 of my hit points, I survived. Thanks to all of you, trying to lead me in a good direction. I have made the tutorial. Every single room, except the Melee part. I never made a Melee fight in the original Thief games. If a guard finds me, I try to run, or I hit the reload button. For me this game is a game of stealth, not of steel. I like it to sit in a nook watching the guards for minutes to find out how they walk, were they paused, if i can ambush them or sneak around them. But I never thought of fighting. I didn't want to blame sotha for that. I really know that my poor fighting skills are the real cause for my difficulties, but I don't want to learn something, which does not support my playing style, and isn't fun to me.
  3. Well that is what I tried all the time. But I don't know how to make a thrust, I don't know how to make a quick attack. Is it different then to attack with the left mouse button? I press the left mouse button, and when the opponent arrives and swings the weapon, I release the mouse button. But I will not hit. After that the opponent waits for my blow, parry my blow and hits again. Once he stand still in parry mode and waits, and do nothing for a minute. Nothing happens. Then I blow, the opponent parry the blow attacks me and hits. That is exactly what i try. I got hitten, but can't launch a hit by myself. Bad exchange! I think you are right. But I dislike that very much. Maybe I'm blocked in a psychological way, but to do 2 hours of training mission, to be able to go on with this mission is not very attractive for me. Good to know. Well I play on the most easiest difficulty level, and I have fire arrows with me. I tired it two times, but before I could shoot, I was hitten by my opponent, and the shooting was interrupted. Well I should after that and hit him. He was dead, but because I stand so close to him, and was hitten before, I also died. After that I stopped shooting. But yeah, thats is an opportunity to go on. I will load a previous save, and start with the bow in the hand. Maybe I can be faster with the shooting.
  4. Really bad game play. So I vote and leave that mission alone. Hopefully I will not have to fight in the following Potter missions.
  5. I loved all the Potter Missions before, but this one is quite annoying.
  6. Thank you very much! Thats seems to work fine.
  7. I think I've a problem with the Game Settings. I have just installed DarkRadiant, and I'm trying to follow the Step by Step Tutorial. But my Media Browser is empty. The Game Settings mentioned in this thread doesn't work for me, because I have the Standalone Version of Dark Mod. What do I have to enter in the Game Settings: Select a Game: Doom3 Engine Path: C:/programs/Darkmod/ Mod (fs_game): ??? Mod Base (fs_game_base, optional): ??? At the moment I've nothing entered in the Mod and Mod Base row. Or is there another reason, why the Media Tab is empty? Thanks for your help!
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