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  1. Is it a good idea to build on different map files buildings and then move them together when they are all ready?
  2. Lowering it seems like a good idea. That should make it look fine. I just started to work on the area and that's why it looks empty. That's how I did it. I put a model and added the lights.
  3. Take a look at this screenshot: http://yfrog.com/aflightingj I need some adivce regarding the lighting of the chandelier. In order to properly light the floor, the ceiling gets over-lighted and so it looks awful. I tried resizing in different way those 4 lights but I didn't get it right.
  4. That's what happens. I'll play around with other torch models but not many will fit best in the situation. Non-extinguishable is out of the question in this case.
  5. I used the model for the body - wall_gaslight03, and for the light - light_oilflame_movable_1. I just put them near eachother (of course to look naturally). I replaced the dead link from the above post.
  6. A created a extinguishable light torch. While testing I used a water arrow, the light got unlit but the torch remained bright. Like this: http://yfrog.com/mrextinguishedtorchj I remember some author complaining about this behavior in "The Crown of Penitence" - or so I think. Any fixes for this?
  7. Uninstall the the mission already installed and DMAP again. Now it should find the .lin file
  8. No Just follow the tutorial. That is just one of the methods. There are easier ways and you'll learn them as you go through the tutorial or as you play around with the editor. My method - I create a brush thick as the wall and as large as the door+frame. I put it where I need the door and use CSG substract to create the hole (this will automatically split the big brush into smaller brushes). After that I remove the temporary brush.
  9. I have ATI RADEON X1600. Is not a big deal. I've noticed it happens often when I pass through brushes (especially horizontal ones) at an angle from the grid. If I really need the camera view I just restart DR. Anyway this belongs to another thread so I leave it.
  10. Thanks for the support. I really need it. I get a leaked error but no pointfile is generated. What now? The map seems perfectly sealed and I cannot find any useful information on the wiki. Here's the map file if anyone needs it http://fbx.ro/nxc61fi6p1o7t3gn And one more thing - the textures in camera view become blurry if I move around. I need to restart DR to show them properly again
  11. Very helpful; and quick. Thank you. That takes me back to the original problem which will remain like this. I have a building with a double door which initially I wanted to open simultaneous. Since I have many transparent surfaces throughout the building that lead outside, I guess the doors will open separately. That applies for 'caulk' too? Can I seal unopenable transparent windows with caulk?
  12. I already read that text. I knew where it was not sealed. The problem was repairing the gaps. I am working on a rebuild of the area so it is done as it should be. I have a question about glass texture. Applied on a window (openable - else I would have used a caulk surface), so you can see through, makes the building not sealed?
  13. About Z fighting - I experimented around with some brushes fighting and it doesn't seem to have a bad effect in-game except visual when they wear different textures. Are there any BAD things that can happen or something I should know first when I use on purpose 2 Z fighting brushes?
  14. I am working with grid 8 usually but when it comes to details it must be lower. I was using rotated brushes that cannot snap to any grid since they're angled and from here the imperfect alignment of the bush edges. Is it possible that I can seal the holes with nodraw textured brushes and maybe Z-fighting with other solid brushes (to make things easier)?
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