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  1. Solved the ingame light issue. Thanks a lot! The menu is still flickering however, but I don't care for that. Also, why am I not able to alt tab out of the game?
  2. Hello! I just upgraded my 2.06 Darkmod to 2.07 and have experianced following issues. Bottom half of the main menu flickers when moving mouse. When playing Tears of st. Lucia most of the lights are not lighting up anything. You can see the model for the light is lit but no light is emmited. I just returned to Darkmod and am unable to play at this point. Couldn't find any similar post, checked FAQ. I uninstalled the game and installed it again fro scratch, as well as removing anything from %appdata% and the problem remains. Please help! Thanks, Neux
  3. Hey guys! Thoughts of returning to my randomizer have been haunting me lately. Have there been any updated regarding programmatically constructing a mission? Thanks, Neux
  4. Hello everyone! It's been a while since i've updated the status of this project. Unfortunatelly, I've been unsuccessful in gathering a team of 2-4 to tackle this problem. Its too huge of a problem for a single programmer to handle. I'm a hardcore TTLG thief fan but never got too far into darkmod. Certain things bothered me, english voice acting for one, but this is not the thread for that. I'm still developing algorithms for a randomizer but have decided to use them for a 2D mobile game or standalone thief-inspired comupter game in the future. I might change my mind in the future but I wouldn
  5. Update: I've successfully filled the generated citys houses with rooms. What your seeing is 4 random outputs each with 3 levels (Bottom - left, Top - right). (also, jaxa ur awsome!) Larger version: http://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2015/05/19/City.png
  6. @demagogue Curentlly I'm not too conserned with the porting my generated info into game files, I'm sure its gonna be tricky but I think its doable. @161803398874989 Yes, I do have a graph setup, It's pretty much necessary for creating puzzle trees. @Dragofer I agree. It should be modular and based on config and preferences files so It can be easily expanded and modified. I try to keep it clean and expandable but working by myself at the moment I can only do so much. If this becomes a team effort it will deffinately become modular. Story generator is a thing I've been thinking about but haven
  7. @SeriousToni Unfortunatelly no. The module for translating my generated level info into a map file is not yet made. But i guess I'll have to make it soon to have a better view over the randomization of upper levels of the city.
  8. Hello! I've started work on a Darkmod mission generator. I'm doing this for my final project in order to complete college. I'm not planing to create a usable result during but I will get closer. I intend to complete it after the assignment is over. I might turn this into a team effort at some point. I've been able to create 1 level of a city till now and am continuing the with the work: I've also created a tiling algorithm not showcased here which fills these houses with rooms. http://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2015/05/08/alley.jpg Cheers!
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