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  1. Hi, I read about the alarm in the note on the stairs and I read on another note that the glass spheres on the generator were fragile. So I tried to break those of the generator under the stairs, but this makes the game crash.
  2. Sure, or even an add-on (if anything like this exists).
  3. ... Or perhaps a small semitransparent circle. This sounds like a good idea in that the player is not completely reliant on the goodwill and wisdom of the mapper. I have no idea what would this require in terms of coding, but I don't think adding a minimalistic HUD would be challenging.
  4. I enjoy TDM immensely but I find it frustrating sometimes to frob small items, especially in chests or in small containers. Is it just me? Sometimes I have to spend several minutes in a very dangerous situation in order to grab a small object from a container because I can't find a way to highlight it. It is extremely frustrating to see the object there in front of my eyes and still being unable to just grab it, especially when I'm in full light and I hear steps coming my way. Arggggh, you dumb thief, just grab the fricking thing already! Are there any tricks to improve this?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to try and open my savegame. I hope some Linux user can help!
  6. Thank you. Strange the savegame opens for me. I am running TDM 2.03 on Linux. How about this savegame: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10099866/complete_.save.zip
  7. Hi all, I am sort of stuck. I have been playing BotF on Hard (no killing) and I am on the pier with Terry, all mission objectives complete. I have enough loot, I haven't killed anyone apart from 2 spiders in the sewers. I have knocked out a few guys with the BJ and one guard with the gas arrow. Still he won't let me finish the mission. Have I done anything wrong? Help? Suggestions? The savegame is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10099866/Quicksave.save.zip
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