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  1. Success! Swapping around these two arguments (+set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game crown_of_penitence) has worked. So, for clarity, my command line now reads: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\..\steam.exe" -applaunch 9050 +set fs_game crown_of_penitence +set fs_game_base darkmod I now see 'Crown of Penitence' in the Current Game window, and I can save and load games. It seems for me, I have to run DM via a command line. This is unfortunate, but at least it works, and it may give the team something to investigate further for a future update of TDM. Many thanks for your help.
  2. Results from the console queries: fs_game returns: "fs_game" is:"crown_of_penitence -applaunch 9050" default:"" mod path fs_game_base returns: "fs_game_base" is:"darkmod" default:"" alternate mod path, searched after the main fs_game path, before the basedir
  3. Ok, I've run the launch string and DM has launched ok, and on starting the mission it is 'crown of penitence', as planned. However, the Current Game window is still blank and games don't save/load. No luck I'm afraid.
  4. The tdmlauncher.log and DarkMod.log files I uploaded just before were created as a result of me starting DM via the TDM Launcher, so I'm not sure why you're asking me to grab those files again, unless you meant to actually start a mission this time. So, I've started a mission and re-uploaded those files to the same location (http://www.tinrobot.biz/darkmod/). Results from the console queries: fs_game returns: "fs_game" is:"crown_of_penitence -applaunch 9050" default:"" mod path fs_game_base returns: "fs_game_base" is:"darkmod" default:"" alternate mod path, searched after the main fs_game path, before the basedir
  5. Done, and uploaded here: http://www.tinrobot.biz/darkmod/ Also, I have two tdmlauncher.log files; one in the darkmod folder and one in the DOOM3 folder. Is this normal? I have uploaded the latest, which was from my darkmod folder. The other (in the Doom3) folder has yesterday's date on it.
  6. Those switches appear to be on by default, in my darkmod.ini file. I've uploaded my darkmod.log file here: http://www.tinrobot.biz/darkmod/ if you have a second to look over it.
  7. Thanks for the offer, but having a stranger remote-in to my computer will be a last resort. Why don't you simply tell me what you would be looking for? I've worked in IT for nearly 25 years, so you won't have to dumb-it-down for me - simply tell me what you'd be looking for, and perhaps I can solve this from here, and post the results back for others. Again, thanks for the offer.
  8. I've since; Renamed my DOOM3 folder Re-downloaded DOOM3 (via Steam) Run D3 to make sure it worked ok Created a new darkmod folder in the DOOM3 folder Re-downloaded tdm_update.exe Run tdm_update.exe and re-downloaded all of DM Run DM Used in built-in mission downloader to download 'betrayal' Installed betrayal (can you see where this is going?) Gone to run it, but alas it STILL does not appear in the Current Game list and STILL won't save games. I'm out of ideas. There must be someone out there having this same issue, surely...
  9. I'm not trying to load saved games from previous versions. I'm trying to load saved games from the latest maps I downloaded yesterday, after installing the DM update - new update, new downloaded missions. Hmm.... something else interesting I've discovered... DM won't run at all without Steam active. If I exit Steam and attempt to run TDM Launcher, a Steam 'update' box appears, as if it's trying to update Steam but leaves me with the message that "Steam is temporarily unavailable". Is this normal? Update (hours later): - renamed my current darkmod folder to darkmodOLD - re-downloaded the latest tdm_update.exe and ran it to get a fresh install of DM - ran tdmlauncher.exe - it opened ok and presented me with the token training level - used the DM interface to download 'Awaiting the Storm' (a small map) - Ran 'Awaiting the Storm'. Opens ok, but I still have nothing in the "Current Game' box, and saved games still do not appear in the list until a restart, and won't load anyhow. Is this not a fresh installation?
  10. I'm using the TDM Launcher via C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\doom 3\darkmod I've been using this ok so far, until yesterday when I discovered there was a DM update (it's been months since I've played), and ran the update automatically via the tdm_update. Since running that update I can load every mission ok, but in every instance on starting DM nothing appears in the "Current Game' window, and saved games won't launch (to be more accurate, saved games do not appear in the list until I restart DM, and even then they won't load).
  11. "I removed those command line arguments in the Steam table and EVERYTHING now works." How? I'm having the same problem(s), but don't know how you fixed this. Please outline your steps.
  12. Ok, I must be right near the end, but I need some help with the following: @Fidcal: happy to test the new build. Give me a list of specific objectives to test.
  13. For anyone who's been following this thread, you may have read that I've had problems loading the mission. It appears that I have since resolved it, by accident. When I work out exactly which files I swapped around to get it working, I'll let you know. I can't say now though, because once I'd got it working, I was keen to start playing... ...and haven't been able to stop, until now. ...allowing only enough time to grab a meal and type this entry, before donning the hood again, and robbing those taffers blind. You see, I'm absolutely enthralled in this mission. Within the first five minutes of starting out into the fog, I knew that it was going to be good. After an hour or so, I became convinced that it was more than 'good' - I was experiencing simply the finest FM I've played, and I've played them all (including those from the previous version mods). This is a well-designed environment, with intelligent architecture, shrewdly 'tweaked' and full of the sorts of clever, subtle touches that make this feel real, like a living, breathing household, with real people, with real lives. ...I have to shut up now, because I want new players to gasp, astonished like I did. Then there's the story. It too is intelligently crafted, keeping me interested - a good story means the difference between simply pilfering, and 'going on a mission'. I haven't finished the mission yet, but are confident that I'm going to enjoy it 'til the end. This mission is of the sort of caliber seen in the original 'Deadly Shadows'. Fidcal and Baddcog - you should be enormously proud of what you've achieved with this - it will be a hard act to follow, and a benchmark for other FM developers. Sincere thanks and congrats. Eager for the next one...
  14. RE file size - Wow, how stupid of me! ...was rushing off to work. RE path - that's just the Windows Explorer location of the savegames. I'm not sure what you mean by "gamesaves don't save the whole path". I'll start searching around for steam issues. Something else that I've just thought of, and will check tonight when I get home: my original DoomConfig file was created by Steam - it would have the correct path to my Steam folder [which on my Windows 7 box is located in c:\program files (x86)], but the DoomConfig file I downloaded with the TDM updater might just have some generic path location in it, that I need to configure... Many thanks.
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