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  1. That video is ohmygodorgasmic. You guys are insane. I'm too excited right now to even think about anything other than this mod. I think I'm going to have to go play thief or something to get my mind off of it.
  2. I'm dying for this mod to be finished, but seeing as you're doing this all in your free time and all, not to mention running this website... You have a paypal account I could throw 5 bucks into once in a while to somewhat help with the cost? Looks so good so far, keep up the amazing work guys.
  3. Hello all I've been creating levels for a long long time with games, unfortunately, I never manage to get finished with whatever I'm working on, usually due to school before. But since I'm not in high school, I have all the time to work on stuff. I'm most interested in mapping. I've worked with the build engine, and mainly dromed for Thief 2. Unfortunately, I don't have anything of mine hosted anywhere except for KOMAG's upcoming fan missions for Thief, but here's a link to two things I was working on in the past: http://keepofmetalandgold.com/ko/necro/ http://keepofmetalandgold.co
  4. Hello all, I'm new to the forums, but this looks soooo good. When I was playing Thief: Deadly Shadows, I thought to myself... Wow if only they had used a tweaked Doom 3 engine...Lo and behold! I think once this dark mod is up and running, we can make Fms way better than the official Thief 3 and previous games. But about copyright issues... Can we not mention Garrett or Mechanists or anything? Because I was thinking about actually creating a new DS once this mod is released! (using the same storyline, videos, but changing the levels to make them much longer and way more in depth.) Anywa
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