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  1. Well it nothing more then a math matrix code being used to help to cull entity's and light's. I replaced the old crappy culling code with render matrix for better performance but it wasn't too much. This is just a math matrix code that use C++ generic and Intrinsics if enabled can speed up math calculations being applied to the portal culling system so it's suppose to be a bit faster, with this in mind I believe you guys can use this to further improve the culling system.
  2. Hello people I have back ported the render matrix code from Doom 3 BFG to TDM to improve the portal code and I have also added depth testing for lights. The depth testing for lights cvar is r_useDepthBoundsTest I didn't really want to add a new cvar. There's also a experimental anti portal code in CullEntityByPortals to activate set r_useEntityPortalCulling to 2 but transparent surfaces are broken. The render matrix code used for portals can use C++ generic and intrinsics but intrinsics is enable by default. My TDM source was compiled in vs2015 using the vs2010 platform toolset all of my code changes can be found by searching for the "anon" comment. I hope this code can be beneficial and useful to the TDM developers. NEW Cvar r_useEntityPortalCulling r_useLightPortalCulling r_useLightAreaCulling Binary here -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5lilm1KI-BhNTlKdWRUQzNmYk0/view?usp=sharing Source Here -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5lilm1KI-BhbTNjN0UyTFVzRGc/view?usp=sharing (.rar file)
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