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  1. The page "Operation Insomnia" on YouTube, and "slimyswampghost" on Twitter and Tumblr.
  2. So, who here has heard of Operation Insomnia and other horror story readers on YouTube? They read horror stories from places like Reddit's r/nosleep, where people congregate to tell horror stories. Some of these, if adapted right, could make decent fan missions. A source of ideas for unique monsters by those who are able to texture, model, and program is the Twitter page "slimyswampghost", who created the titular monster of the game Sirenhead.
  3. I wonder who this mysterious, brutal figure could be. Is he a Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun type leader, a warlord who leaves a swathe of destruction behind him & his hordes? Surely he must be as intelligent & cunning as he is mighty, to rule a force that is capable of causing such attention to be brought to one side of the Empire, that the other side of said Empire was so underguarded that it split off to become Menoa.
  4. What the hell is he suggesting, blasting one or more previous Presidents' faces off so he can have his fat ugly mug carved on?
  5. The video in question is "Thief 2 Gold: Ghoul" by HoboEgg on YouTube. He claims in the description to have taken part in working on the mod.
  6. It is mentioned in The Dark Mod wiki that ghouls are one of the Undead that haven't appeared yet. In the Thief 2 Gold mod I found a video of recently, there was a Ghoul that looked like a cross between one of the zombies already in TDM and a goblin, resembling the dog faced, greenskinned Ghouls of H.P. Lovecraft's works. I don't know if anyone wants to make a model like that for The Dark Mod, and it would probably need different movements to differentiate from common zombies, but it's an idea that I believe could be helpful to any aspiring fan mission makers.
  7. I'm guessing something went wrong with Bafford's plans for what I'm guessing is called "Mount Baffordmore"?
  8. So, what sort of Comedy Mission ideas do others have? Slapstick? Toilet Humor? Dark humor revolving around people dying in morbidly comedic ways like slipping on a dog turd and landing in a pit full of Giant Spiders? What is your idea of a humorous mission?
  9. I was listening to The Official Podcast featuring Cr1tikal, now known as penguinz0 on YouTube. Episode 190. The theme of the episode was conspiracy theories like Chemtrails, Flat Earth, and Anti-Vaccinations. The hilarity of the premise of some of the ideas they posted could be made into Comedy Missions. For example, a powerful alliance of both Rogue Mages and Extremist Builders learn that the world really ISN'T flat, but they believe that in order for the Builder to return, the world must be MADE flat. So, a bunch of ridiculously stupid idea loving wizards and religious folk try to complete a massive spell to literally flatten a town as a "test". Meanwhile, a "raw water" craze with the locals of said town, coupled with an anti-healer movement, results in a damn zombie plague outbreak, and it's up to the Thief player to steal the crystal or relic that's powering their "town-flatter" ritual, resulting in the ritual failing. After, a squad of Official Builders arrive to deal with the zombie outbreak and rogue wizards & heretics. The entire town of morons get burned in fire by the Church, and you make off with all their money in the Chaos. What do you think?
  10. Well, I hope this string of developments doesn't negatively impact the community.
  11. I don't think missions should be deleted unless they're full of horrific troll-y stuff, like usage of real-world racist memes or explicit pornography like a bunch of creepy furry stuff, or an entire mission that was made to simply screw with another creator, like accusing someone of being a zoophile or pedo.
  12. I really hope this isn't a sign of bad portents of the new year. The Dark Mod is one of the final legacies currently for the Thief series. If this causes some sort of negative domino effect that destroys the community, I don't know how to get other Thief fans together and rally around Eidos Montreal to make a remake of the original Dark Project, Metal Age, and Deadly Shadows.
  13. Hey, Springheel, I don't mean to butt in to this conversation, but what are the future plans for the Dark Mod? Will we see an official storyline series? New monsters and steambeasts? What's the future hold?
  14. I thought it was going to be CGI.
  15. They didn't announce they were starting work on the film until 2016, 2 years after its release. I would hope they sell it off cheap to a dedicated fan of the series, one who could give it the attention the series deserves, instead of rushing out something that tries to please too many people at once and fails.
  16. Still, what pisses me off is how Eidos Montreal wants to sweep Thief under the rug. Sure, Thief 2014 wasn't a blockbuster hit, but that doesn't mean you should hide the whole series! Today is the series' 20th birthday, and they have nothing for it on their Facebook page. No announcements of a remake of The Dark Project through Deadly Shadows, no news on the movie, not even a fanart! It's insulting, they nearly destroy the series, now they deny us any gratification of hope for the future.
  17. Do you think Straight-Up Films is still working on the Thief movie? Their website still has it up, but there are a few things I've noticed. First, they haven't talked about how far along the movie is AT ALL. If it's CGI, maybe they're almost done, because it's been 2 years going on 3 since 2016, when they announced they worked out a deal with Eidos Montreal. Second, the game wasn't too well received, so who knows If Eidos ordered a cancellation and Straight-Up Films just didn't tell anyone out of embarrassment? Third, SUF mistakenly said there would be a new Thief game based on the plot of the movie, which Eidos President got angry over. Finally, they haven't replied at all to my Facebook comments on their page asking about it, and also seem to never answer their phone on their website's phone number. The few times they have, they are deliberately quiet about it. I just wish I knew what was going on.
  18. I'm still hoping this is eventually released on console or steam someday, but I've decided I should get a new laptop that can handle the game before I try to install it.
  19. I hope that when Straight Up Films releases the Thief movie FINALLY, it is well done, and that the attention it gathers makes Eidos Montreal inspired to do a top-down remake of The Dark Project, similar to Spyro Reignited: just a complete remake with the only difference being better graphics.
  20. Hello. Would like to ask, if you could have Dungeons and Dragons make a Ravenloft open world game like Skyrim or Oblivion, what would you like to see in it? I, personally, would like to be a Caliban, and get to fight sea monsters on the Dark Coast.
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