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  1. Hi. I know this is not TDM, but Doom 3, again. I hope I'm not causing problems. But I find your forums alot friendlier and active. I have a custom monster in-game working all well, except for the ragdoll. When killed it goes in T-Pose. I must tell I don't know how to set-up a ragdoll, some people who have looked told me it's something wrong with the animations, some told me it's nothing wrong with them but can't seem to fix it. Now here comes the question. Is anyone on these forums willing to help me try and fix it if I send him the files? I've been having this problem for some time. Thanks
  2. Are there any maps that feature assets such as torturing devies? Hooks, meat chains, racks, you get the idea. And if yes, What are the chances of using them into a Doom 3 custom map? Credit given of course
  3. http://idtechforums.fuzzylogicinc.com/index.php?topic=472.0 The thread has been already at idtechforums. (I'm not the animator) . We managed to export them to blender, but they are exported wrong. The model looks fine (although scaled wrong) but when the animation should start, the model "explodes" That's why we're trying to use the MayaImportDLL to get it. Aand, no. The MayaImport DLL I've got from your website don't seem to work. But mainly it's because the animator has Maya 2012, and x32Bit . That's why I think
  4. Using Doom 3 1.3.1 . I don't know how to code/compile. But I guess if needed we will figure out one way or another. You said the Maya dll versions were compiled against Doom 3. So would that work for TDM? Using the DLL from the website with TDM, exporting the model to MD5 then work it on Doom 3? If it would work, would I be allowed to do that?
  5. PaulRazvan

    Maya Help

    Hello everyone. I'm from Doom 3-side of modding. I'm working on a project with some people. And we're having problems for quite some time exporting animations from Maya to MD5. Exporters don't seem to work, and the animator has recently tried this guide: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Getting_Characters_and_their_Anims_into_Doom But with no luck. Is anyone who actually managed to Export from Maya kind enough to help us exporting those files as MD5 ? Thanks
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