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  1. I wonder if there are other ways to play it....I couldn't find what I needed though.
  2. I think this is largely due to the fact that CoreD had new level designers that worked on Tomb3. The majority of designers for Tomb1&2 worked on Project Eden (Heather, Neal) while the others (Toby Gard and Paul Douglas ) left CoreD to develop Galleon. In many ways, I feel as though both Project Eden and Galleon are each spiritual successors to the old-TR formula. The level design in Project Eden was great. I've never played Galleon, but always have wanted to. Toby Gard said Galleon is what Tomb Raider should of been.
  3. Chakkman yes I've played it. It's based on TR Anniversary gameplay though. So it barely feels like the original .It looks fantastic though.
  4. ^ I agree. I've replayed the TR games countless times since 1998. I've come to the conclusion that TR2 is the best entry to date and the one I've played through the most. The Venice levels are so good!
  5. Thanks. Yeah, the games I remember playing the most on PC were: Earlier TR gamesThe Longest JourneyBlack&WhiteGiantsStar Wars Tie FighterStar Wars Rebel Assault FF7Duke Nukem 3DDark Forces II: Jedi Knight
  6. No particular order: Tomb Raider I-III The Longest JourneyGrim Fandango Thief Gold & 2DishonoredAmerican Mcgee's Alice I'm sure there are tons more, but those stick out. Didn't play Thief games and Dishonored until years (a decade or more?) later. Glad I finally did, but I do remember the Thief ads back in 1998 when I was a big Tomb Raider fan. Played a lot of games on the consoles too.
  7. Yeah, I prefer TR1-6 over the CrystalD games any day. Personally, I think the 4th entry, The Last Revelation, was the peak of the franchise. Part 5/ Chronicles was really just a quick cash-in to tie in w/ the 2001 film, but the PC version was definitely worth it for the Level Editor alone. I thought Angel of Darkness had good things going for it, but like you said it all fell short due to getting rushed. However, I think AOD is one of the worst of the CoreDesign era. Even if it had been complete it is all very non-Tomb Raider.
  8. I'll answer this one more specifically later. However, I'm a bigger fan of the earlier Tomb Raider games by Core Design. I love Nathan McCree's work in TR1-3. Overall, it's tough for me to choose my favorite, but I'd probably have to pick from 1 or 2. I think I might go w/ Tomb Raider II. I'll get into the details later. Personally, I can't stand the CrystalD games. These just aren't the same and I am so over reboot Lara/ Tomb Raider. The first reboot game was alright then I completely lost interest after Rise. I still haven't purchased or played Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The week it came out
  9. So there is def programming/scripting involved if I want to get my own models into the engine?
  10. Which is easier to get into to make maps and add my own custom 3D content?
  11. Hey guys I'm back. So another question: Say I just wanted to learn DarkRadiant and build a single map specific to TheDarkMod steampunk universe, do I still need to learn the programming side of things? I understand DarkRadiant isn't very artist friendly. Also, how easy is it getting my own 3D objects into the engine? That includes static and animated (character models, weapons, props, etc).
  12. Okay thanks guys case closed. I think I will use Unreal Engine. Mods you can close the account.
  13. Bummer that I sold my Lightwave license a couple months ago. Didn't know a lot of peeps here use LW. I'm definitely familiar with it, but I'd say I'm more well-versed in Maya. I've worked w/ Blender for some projects too. With all honesty I'm not looking to do an extensive total conversion mod. I just need to play through maps in first person/ or Third person, solve some puzzles (pulling levers, collecting items/keys), bring in my own 3D assets, and the ability to use weapons to defeat enemies. DOOM3 has the stealth thing going on, which is pretty cool too. A lot of people on Steam discuss
  14. Hello. I've created a game doc and I'm trying to find an engine that doesn't require extensive or heavy programming knowledge. I'm a 3D artist not a programmer. That is why I'm moving away from Unreal/Unity standard. I'm actually looking into Dark Radiant/Idtech4 engine or Hammer/ Source Engine. Which of these two engines/ editors is easier to work with? The game project I have in mind would be a total conversion not really a Thief-based mission. So I would need an engine capable of bringing in modern weapons/ guns as well as monsters. I'd imagine DOOM3 modding would be more better suited th
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