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  1. it didn't help in game download only puts the file into fm-folder but doesn't create a folder for the mission the only thing I noticed is that the mission in the in-game downloader is 23mb but the actual file is only 13mb, but I'm not sure if that's because it's packed
  2. Still no luck file is in fm-folder, but the mission is not on the list within missions.tdminfo I've tried adding it manually to missions.tdminfo but still it's not present in game
  3. I think the post above is to for a different topic In my case I've tried download in-game first, then when it wasn't on the list, I've deleted the file and downloaded manually, but the same result
  4. I have TDM 2.06 and downloaded CoS1: Pearls and Swine, however I can't see it in the New Mission window, it is also still visible in the list of mission available for download I've tried all FAQ ways and still nothing Is there something I'm missing here?
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