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  1. Yeah Epifire, the locomotive is very cool, I especially like the weathering. The spitfires are right up my WW2-loving alley. Nice work! Thanks for the note and links Petike!
  2. Thanks RPG for the plug. I should have mentioned it was your nice invite that made me visit. I didn't want you to get blamed for me coming here and ruining everything for everyone. Cubemaps are a bit of a generic term and yes I was referring to the use as depicted in the link you posted. In HL2 - if memory serves - we used cubemaps to attach world reflections to certain surfaces, obviously glass and such. I think too that cubemaps can describe skyboxes and right you are, idTech 4 does support them (I should have remembered this since I put home-made skyboxes in a few of my custom maps). Oh and Epifire, I should have asked if you have pictures of your models other than in TDM! I read the team description and noticed you contributed models to the game. Man...I am among some very smart people here so I have to watch what I say!!! I should change my first post to say, "....and I can't wait to learn from you guys".
  3. My background in modding is mostly amateur in nature and back in the glory days when Doom 3, Unreal 3 and Hammer (Half Life 2) were the rage, and when there was a proliferation of community created content, I created and shared a number of maps that attained a high number of downloads. A couple of the projects got write-ups in gaming magazines and suddenly I was getting offers for work from gaming companies in Russia, America, Canada and Germany. Worked for a year as a professional level designer in Vancouver, Canada and absolutely hated it - sixteen hours, seven days a week took the fun out of it. I still love messing in the Doom 3 editor so I thought it would be nice to publish a series of tutorials on YouTube (what I would have given if someone posted such videos back in the day when so many of us were trying to figure out the D3 editor and the various mechanics). Even after all these years people still seem interested in D3 Edit and while the group is relatively small they are dedicated. I remember working with cubemaps but it was in the Hammer editor. In the vanilla idTech4 engine such a feature did not exist but perhaps the clever folks behind the DM will figure that out as well. Thanks for the note Epifire! Do you have a website or another place where you have posted pictures of the models you have created? I'd like to see them.
  4. I received an invite from one of your forum members so I thought it would be a good time to stop by and say hi. I'll start off by complimenting the DM team for their work in producing what is a truly amazing game mod. The website and forums are equally impressive and certainly up to the high standards set by your group. I am thoroughly impressed! Also your Wiki page has been an immeasurable help and I have been steering people there through my You Tube videos. While I am more of a lurker than poster I will keep an eye out for member questions and I will try to help where ever my limited idTech 4 and Doom 3 editor knowledge will permit. If there are game mechanics or sequences arising from the original Doom 3 game that I can explain or demonstrate, which may be of use to your members or other Id Tech 4 modders or DM creators, drop me a request and I'll do my best to explain or demonstrate them. I can answer either in these forums or use the issues as topics for my Doom 3 edit video series. Hopefully these contributions, meagre as they may be, can in some way contribute to the already impressive knowledge base that has emerged here. Again, thank you to the DM team for their amazing gift to us and I look forward to being a contributing member to this community!
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