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  1. Yes, with most TCs and mods you'd assume all the difficulties mentioned as a major hurdle, but given that the hard part has already been done, that this is one of those precious few ambitious attempts that have actually come to fruition, the last 5-6 years spent making it possible to create campaigns would almost seem wasted without converting it into one, or if that seems harsh, it would not be realising the full potential of the toolset. The dedication and stamina involved having already been proven, it would be reasonable to have confidence that a campaign along the lines that have already been mentioned (which is certainly the path of least resistance for making it) could be completed as well. As for patience, well most people have already waited half a decade for TDM to appear at all, so another 18-24 months for "The Campaign" would be easy Obviously you insiders are better placed that I to foresee the harsh realities of such an attempt, so I'll take 'maybe' as the best and most honest answer
  2. Any plans for this? It sounds like a big step at first, but really all it needs is to get 10 or so guys who are planning to make a level (you already have that many) and then write a story around the levels they are already going to make, which it more or less how they did it for Thief 2. So no forcing people to make levels they don't really want to be making, which is always dangerous for morale. There would be no shortage of people willing to write the plot around those missions, that's for sure, and you could make it a contest for the best story. Yes, playing 10 separate missions is fun enough, but it obviously adds quite a lot to have them all connected by an overall narrative arc.
  3. Demagogue, I really have to disagree. Modern philosophy is almost irrelevant, it's a pointless game of ping pong between people who think it's clever, but its effect on the societal changes we've seen over the last 50 years is negligible. I think of philosophy more as a branch of the arts, it's nice to have it around, but it's ultimately irrelevant and we could easily live without it. Science has much more of a claim to moving society forward with the technology that has allowed mass communication, removed the insular nature of the past, and increased the standard of living for the average person. That's what really matters to people. What science does is concrete and irrefutable, you can hold it in your hand. What philosophy does is...what? It's science and it's direct descendants such as technology that have removed the 'them and us' mentality of the past, and is increasingly laying bare the accountability of those in power. That's really what is going to continue to advance WORLD society, not the big-worded musings of philosophers. No one pays any attention to them. Your average pop star has more influence. You might say the job of philosophers is to decide the morality of new science such as human genetic modification, but it's not, and they won't decide it , they'll just argue about it, using as large a vocabulary as possible, like they argue about everything else and never come to any conclusion.
  4. Well let's face it, ghosting was never an intentional playstyle of LGS anyway, only something people thought of after they'd played the missions properly a few times and got bored, and then some of them start demanding that all missions MUST be ghostable or it's not a proper Thief map. Due to the unrealistic AI reactions in the Dark Engine, ghosting wasn't really that difficult. It's clearly a better solution to give the AI as realistic a behaviour as is feasible, and then give the player realistic methods to overcome it, rather than just make dumb AI.
  5. If there's one downside to modern society, it's the number of organisations that have set up to specifically mind other people's business. There's always been curtain twitchers like the OP, but now it's industrialised. I live in the UK, where there's now about the same number of CCTV cameras as citizens. Has it reduced crime? Has it fuck.
  6. There has always been a weakness in the gameplay structure of the Thief games. Clearly, if your mission is to steal a septre which is on clear display in a big room full of guards, then the guards are going to go on full alert and do a full house search when they notice that it's missing. Regardless if you're seen or make any noise, you can't avoid alerting the guards. I don't see this as a problem for ghosting, and I wouldn't count this as a ghosting failure, it's just inevitable, and would be incredulously unrealistic if the guards did not notice that the very item they're paid to guard had suddenly gone missing and then did nothing about it. The best way to go would be to give the player a choice - either they can pay money to have their 'fence' aquire a cheap replica of the expensive item they're about to steal, and then replace it so at a glance the guards will notice nothing amiss, or they can just put up with the fact that at some points during their mission the guards will go on alert because of an item the player has stolen. I prefer the latter myself, it can add a bit of excitment to a game for the guards to suddenly go on alert and start seaching, like the Blackmail mission in T2 where you're halfway up the hall to Truarts room when he's found murdered and the guards go mental. Obviously this would only occur with the major loot items, not every random candlestick.
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