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  1. This is such a fun level! I thought it'd be a very short adventure and ended up getting something much larger than anticipated. I really love how there are multiple objectives to juggle and you dont really have to do them in any particular order because it just feels like its encouraging me to explore the map top to bottom. It's funny seeing how many people struggled with the snowman bit since I ended up getting that no problem (well, sort of.. the hat was hard to find LOL), but I had so much trouble with finding out how to get the holy relic back to its rightful place. Goes to show the different types of minds we have going into these games, haha! Other than that - I'd like to end this by saying it's so fun to have such a wholesome adventure as a thief. Building snowmen, helping the town as a whole.. Very fun and lighthearted twist on these roguish characters, while somehow still having a spooky atmosphere on the map! Great work!
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