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  1. 6 hours ago, Bienie said:

    Thanks for the praise and the feedback! I thought I had fixed that lever thing... I know it's related to "open on unlock", unfortunately I designed the map without knowing how that setting even works. I'll keep it in mind, maybe soon I will get around to making an update.

    Maybe there should be some kind of warning before the beginning of the mission so that the player enables "Open doors on unlock". 

    I also ran into this bug when I first played that mission (amazing nevertheless), and spent a significant amount of time trying different things because I --just like ate0ate-- thought that the note mentioning that the code could be changed was some sort of hint :D 

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  2. Great mission.

    The town is really fun to explore, and the towers are absolutely stunning, both from outside and inside!

    On 5/15/2019 at 12:07 AM, CountMorillonite said:

    I had to replay the mission when I "found" the identity of the killer and all hell broke loose. Seems everybody was alerted, from the killer himself, to the guards on the street. I couldn't pickpocket any loot from guards on high alert. On second try of the mission, I completed everything first and grabbed the evidence of the killer before heading for mission end. I don't know if this was the way it's supposed to play out or whether It was happenstance.


    This happened to me too, so I'm guessing it was intended? For me that was the only negative part of the mission. I'm not really a fan of "surprises" that create alerts, and just like you I didn't know if this was intended or if it was some kind of bug.

    Other than that, really great mission, and I'll probably replay it soon and leave the killer for the end.


    1 hour ago, stgatilov said:

    Yes, you are right.
    I guess I thought I would catch something suspicious by looking at it.

    Well, I will inspect it --- maybe I'll have some clues about how it happens. Thank you!

    Speaking of savegame before getting stuck, I won't be surprised if the issue is not reproducible 😥

    Yeah, hope it helps!

    And regarding a savegame before getting stuck, as you mentioned, it's likely that it's not reproducible: somehow I think that the bug occurs while reading, and might not be related to the global state of the game, but I could be wrong.

    It also seems to happen after scrolling the mouse wheel to read a next or previous page, sometimes half-way through a book. I wonder if sometimes the next/previous page action can make a readable go to a non-existent page that then breaks the frob ability due to invalid xdata?

    But anyways, if I run into this again, hopefully I have a savegame before the problem or more information about this.


  4. On 11/23/2020 at 8:16 PM, stgatilov said:

    I'm afraid I need a savegame before the problem happens.

    The attached savegame demonstrates that the problem can happen, but does not show how the game can get into such bad state.

    Just giving you what you asked for, 'a savegame which is already "stuck"':


    If I have additional information in the future I'll post it here.

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  5. Thoughts about this upcoming game? https://store.steampowered.com/app/739630/Phasmophobia/

    The concept is very interesting: it's a co-op horror game in which you are a member of a paranormal investigation team and enter haunted locations in order to gather evidence about the paranormal entity present. 

    It seems that the game is still very rough on the edges though (it's in early access phase), but the idea is unique and could result in a great game, or at least encourage similar ones.

  6. Thanks for this great mission. I really enjoyed it! 

    One question regarding the story:


    When coming back to the present, everything changes according to the fact that "Now and Then" was never found. 

    However, the "Thief's journal" (written by that other guy that also wanted to steal the painting) doesn't change, and it still talks about stealing "Now and Then". Is this something you missed or is this part of the story? Are we (the MC) somehow connected to this thief?


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  7. Very interesting thread.

    Another idea could be that you are still a thief but another master thief breaks into your own house or mansion.

    In Requiem, there are enemies that become invisible in the shadows. If this was combined with an enemy that makes little/no noise and that also attempts to move in the shadows as much as possible (some scripting would be required, of course), finding them could be an interesting challenge.

    Furthermore, if the other thief fires broadhead arrows when they can do it from the shadows, or if they have the ability to place mines, the player would still be forced to move slowly and stay hidden as well, so running around the mansion wouldn't be an option, lest you end up with an arrow through the head.

    Replayability could be achieved by making the other thief or the valuable objects to protect spawn at random locations. Multiple thieves could also be present in the hardest difficulties.

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  8. On 9/1/2020 at 11:25 PM, vozka said:

    I just finished playing all five William Steele missions and I've got to say, what a brilliant series. 

    One of the few things I'm missing in TDM is an overarching story like in Thief games, so playing these missions back to back was a treat. Although the story is smaller in scope and not as strong as in T1/T2, it's obvious that a great deal of effort was put into it, there's a crapton of readables that are interesting and yet not too long and I love how one continuous story brings us to such different places. 

    I especially enjoyed WS2 because I just like rooftopping and verticality, something about the aesthetic makes traversing the city in heights really enjoyable even if the mission is not very challenging. And then the Warrens! Possibly the most unique mission I've played so far. I've seen some really cool gimmicks (...like the dream sequence in WS3), but what made the Warrens special was how the whole concept of the mission was kind of different in so many things - super non-linear map, not too many patrols, fantastically bleak atmosphere, the finale... - and all those things worked together to create a mission that was different and yet coherent. 

    There were of course some parts I thought were weaker (like the partols in sewers, I don't mind unpredictability, but when 3 guys suddenly patrol together and leave half of the sewers unattended, it doesn't make sense), but most parts were really strong and I recommend this series to everyone.

    I also really loved WS2, had an absolute blast playing it, and it was my favorite in the series, followed by the Warrens. The atmosphere in the Warrens is really amazing/unique, it made me feel like I was actually there, in a quarantined district. I remember I played it in one sitting of many hours :)

  9. 6 hours ago, Bienie said:

    Looks great so far! Maybe you want to link up with @Petike the Taffer who does most of the work on the wiki when it comes to making pages for individual FMs. Maybe there could be at least a link to the wiki page embedded in each FM entry.

    The only thing I noticed was that there seems to be a bit of inconsistency with some missions having the loading screen as the first screenshot and many others not having it at all. That and the Undead/Spiders/Ghosts spoilers seem to be wrong in many cases. I saw my mission Langhorne Lodge was listed as having neither, when in fact it has essentially nothing but ghosts and undead ;)

    Thanks @Bienie for checking this out and for pointing out those issues!

    Great catch about the screenshots by the way. These were automatically retrieved from thedarkmod.com, but with the order being ignored. I'll fix this in the next update.

    By the way, I just added undead and ghosts to Langhorne Lodge :) 

    Also, spoiler for Chronicles of Skulduggery 3: Sacricide:


    For this mission you'll also see Undead = No, as the undead that appear in the catacombs are not too relevant, and the wiki also ignores them (only "guards" appear under "threats", here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Chronicles_of_Skulduggery_3:_Sacricide_(FM))

    This made me think that maybe instead of Undead = Yes or No, in the future this could be something like Undead = Important or None/Irrelevant. Not the best wording, but something along those lines.

    And yes, linking up with @Petike the Taffer to connect the wiki and tdmdb.com sounds great too!

    At the moment, each FM entry displays links to its forum thread and to its page on thedarkmod.com, since those were easy to be automatically retrieved, based on the information on this wiki table: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Fan_Missions_for_The_Dark_Mod. This table doesn't include links to the wiki pages of each FM though, making that harder to automate (although such information may be somewhere else and I just missed it).

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  10. 7 hours ago, stgatilov said:

    To be honest, I would prefer putting the whole FM database (including the actual pk4 of FMs) into yet another SVN.
    After that establish automatic sync from this SVN to http mirrors, from where they can be downloaded by players.

    This way:

    1. It is obvious which FMs are where: every FM is on every mirror.
    2. It is not necessary to manually update every mirror (sometimes we forget to update some mirrors, causing random players playing old version). Just commit new version to SVN, and trigger sync task.
    3. It is clear who and when changed every FM. Even though exact changes are not viewable.
    4. It is possible to return back to any old state of any FM.

    The metainformation can be stored in the same SVN in e.g. XML format. It can be edited with any XML editor or just text editor, and diffs are easily viewable. You can blame the XML and see for each line who changed it last.

    Excellent idea!

    For starters, I've added an XML feed to TDMDB, which includes all missions data, here: https://tdmdb.com/xml. This can be quickly parsed in order to reuse any of the information that currently is only available in both the wiki and TDMDB.

    Note that I added the tag DarkModComId to each mission, which represents the mission id that appears on thedarkmod.com, which I assume is the id for each mission in the official DB (for example, for The Lost Citadel,  the DarkModComId is 150 -> https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=150).

  11. 45 minutes ago, Obsttorte said:

    Nice and thank you for the hard word that definetely went into this. One note, though: You categorized my FM "Builder Roads" as horror, but it doesn't contain any horror elements. It is intented to be ghosted more or less, so maybe that caused some confusion. ;)


    Sorry about the confusion, but the "Mission Type" came from the wiki page, where it is categorized as "Horror". 

    What would you say is the type of your mission (I still haven't played it), among the following:

    Bank Jobs Fan mission involving a heist or other thievy action inside a local banking institution. Will often contain the outsmarting of security systems, gaining access to a safe and cracking its code.
    Castle/Fortress Fan mission involving a heist or other thievy action inside or outside a castle or fortress, either one that serves as a military garrison, or as someone's private residence. Frequently involves background characters from the nobility.
    City Missions Fan mission that is set mainly in the streets and public spaces of an urban area, such as a town or city. Though the player is most often out on the streets, these missions tend to also involve some degree of exploration and infiltration into private and public buildings alike.
    Church/Cathedral Fan mission set in and around religious buildings and institutions, such as churches, monasteries, cathedrals, church bureaus, church workshops, etc. Frequently involves ecclesiastical characters from the TDM setting's Builder Church.
    Experimental Fan mission which involves some creative design or gameplay element that isn't typical for the vast majority of TDM missions. FMs set in highly unusual environments, or with a puzzle-like nature, can fit under this label.
    Inn/Tavern Fan mission set mostly in and around an inn, tavern or shanty. Usually focused on robbing some rich guest, acquiring an item stored by the guest at the inn, or gathering intel at the inn.
    Jail/Prison Fan mission involving an escape from a prison (by the imprisoned player character), infiltration of a prison to gather intel from inmates or help an inmate escape the prison, etc.
    Lost Civilizations Fan mission focused on the exploration of ancient ruins, whether above ground or in deep subterranean caverns. Can often overlap with the Horror or Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts type of mission, but not necessarily.
    Horror Fan mission with an overt horror theme. Depending on the author's approach and intentions, it can focus on psychological horror, or horror based on danger from supernatural threats, or varying combinations of both.
    Mansion/Estate Fan mission involving a heist or other thievy action inside someone's private residence (a fancy house, a manor house) and its surrounding grounds. Frequently involves background characters from the nobility or the more affluent townsmen or citizens.
    Museum Heists Fan mission focusing on a heist in a museum, art gallery or other institution storing priceless artefacts, artworks, gemstone collections, etc.
    Outdoor/Caves Fan mission set in a mostly natural outdoor environment, but involving the exploration of natural caves and caverns.
    Outdoor/Daylight Fan mission set in a mostly outdoor environment, during the daytime (in contrast to the usual TDM missions, set at night time or early dusk).
    Outdoor/Pagan Fan mission set in a mostly natural outdoor environment, involving some presence of pagan tribes from TDM's setting. Perhaps even pagan camps and settlements.
    Pirate Fan mission involving the presence of characters engaging in piracy or smuggling, and various related piratical themes. Can overlap with the Ship type of mission, but not necessarily.
    Platforming/Jumping Fan mission focusing on testing the player's movement, jumping and climbing skills, with or without equipment.
    Sewers Fan mission which involves the use of the city sewers or others sewers in some way, often as a stealthy means of entry or escape.
    Ship Fan mission which takes place aboard a vessel, in port or at sea, or otherwise involves ships to a great degree. Can overlap with the Pirate type of mission, but not necessarily.
    Thieves' Highway / Rooftop Fan mission involving a lot of movement and travel on the rooftops of a town or city (colloquially "The Thieves' Highway").
    Tombs, Catacombs & Crypts Fan mission involving the exploration of old tombs, catacombs and crypts, often for the purposes of treasure and artefact hunting. Can often overlap with the Horror or Lost Civilizations type of mission, but not necessarily.
    Training Fan mission label that is unique to the official Training Mission, an open-ended tutorial mission where players can practice and test their TDM gameplay skills at their own leisure, and to the smaller blackjacking-trainer FM, which focuses on practicing NPC knockouts by the player.
    Warehouse Fan mission which takes place in and around a warehouse, usually in some industrial area of a city, or at a port.



    Multiple types are also accepted, if that's the case.

    Thanks :)

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  12. 3 hours ago, stgatilov said:

    If you choose between editing a wiki and editing a custom database, it is easier to edit the wiki.
    And more people have permission to edit our wiki than anything official.

    So while it does not sound right from programming point, wiki table seems to be a better source of truth than official database.

    I agree that editing a database manually is not ideal, but this doesn't have to be the case: an interface can be easily developed for that.

    For instance, the way TDMDB was engineered, such an interface would be very easy to add (and in fact it's in my TODO list). With such interface, adding/editing missions would imply a few seconds of filling some inputs and marking checkboxes. Quick and easy.

    I also agree that the wiki is a great source at the moment, and that's why I retrieved most of the information by scraping it, although some information was more accurate on thedarkmod.com (such as mission size), hence the scripts selected each piece of information from the most reliable source for each field.

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  13. Thanks @stgatilov

    Regarding avoiding scraping, the way to do this is to have an official, trusted database, and then have everywhere else pull data from it through an API request, instead of HTML scraping.

    For example, suppose that in the future tdmdb.com becomes the trusted DB and is managed by the TDM team. Then, I could write a simple REST API so that mission data can be obtained through a call that returns a nice JSON with such data.

    This way, a lot of the information that appears in the wiki could also be automated, such as the list of missions, without the requirement of having someone manually edit the table every time a new mission comes out.

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