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  1. Yes, I am talking about the second conversation. I think that the previously reported bug is also about the second conversation. My game crashes when I get the objective. I am also on Linux. Maybe the crash is only on Linux?
  2. I just tried the older versions of TDM. The game crashes on both 2.09 and 2.08 The game still works on 2.07 P.S. on 2.09 and 2.08 the fov is 90 when set to 75, but the fov seems correct on 2.07
  3. I have tried the most recent dev build and it still crashes. Here is my savegame The save game is from 2.09
  4. In the mission after riding the lift out of the sewers there are two conversations. The first gives you several objectives. Its the one where they talk about the sword and the fence. The second conversation is a man talking about finding ruins on the grounds. The man from the historical society does all of his dialogue, but the guard does not say anything. After this conversation you get another objective but the game crashes. The mission used to work, maybe the new version broke the scripting? Here is the terminal output Restarting ambient sound snd_cleighmoor'(solitary_theme02_z) with volume -7.784369 Linking GLSL program environment ... NEW OBJECTIVE signal caught: Segmentation fault si_code 1 Trying to exit gracefully.. I am playing on Ubuntu 20.10
  5. I have been keeping up with the dark mod since around 2014 - 2015. I remember playing through and enjoying Thomas Porter, and obsessively checking for new entries in the William Steele series. I just wish more attention was paid to this great community and its achievements. Maybe MandaloreGaming will eventually do a review? He has mentioned TDM in his Thief series reviews.
  6. I am sorry if my comments are irritating, but it has occurred to me that this topic has come up due to shadow mapping performance issues. If shadow mapping was more performant than I could simply turn up the soft shadow quality or shadow size. Modern games use cascade shadow maps to improve performance. I have noticed that my frame rate will tank when looking down a hallway with lots of shadow casting lights. I was thinking about shadow mapping today and the following occurred to me. Shadow quality should scale with the amount of angular screen space that they take up. I don't know if the dark mod has a way to scale shadow size per light, but some kind of Level of Detail could be used. For example Get the max dimension from the bounding box for the light. In the game every light has a bounding box that determines how far away objects are lit and shadows are cast. It would be easy to get the single maximum dimension from the light. max_dimension = max(x, y, z) Get the players distance from the light using pythagorean theorem. sqrt((x1-x0)^2 + ... etc (player distance from light)/(max dimension of light) will give you the players distance from the light in units of the light's bounding box Scale the shadow map size for the light by using the players distance from the light. ( shadow map size ) / ( (player distance from light) / (max dimension of light) ) I believe that this should scale the size of the shadow map relative to angular size of the shadow map in the players field of view. So a player standing inside the bounding box of a light would cause the light to render the shadow map at the highest resolution. In contrast a player that is four bounding boxes away from a light would cause the shadow map to render at 1/4 resolution. The algorithm should catch edge cases like some lights having bounding boxes that take up large areas still casting high resolution shadows, while nearby lights with small bounding boxes will render low resolution shadows. If shadow map size cannot be scaled dynamically, than the lights could render at lower resolution and use nearest neighbor filtering to cut down on the rendering time, even if the shadow map size takes up the same space in memory
  7. That's too bad. I am inexperienced in rendering but am fascinated by the subject. Have you looked at using OpenGL Shadow Samplers when soft shadow quality is set to 0 to help smooth jaggies? I have a second question. Does the dark mod clip the view frustum when looking through visportals? It seems like the game overdraws in places like the streets in The Painters Wife.
  8. So I was interested in how the soft shadows work in TDM and came across this video. At around 40 minutes in he starts discussing the stair stepping in the soft shadows and supplies a fix. What he does is use bi-linear interpolation on each PCF sample, instead of nearest neighbor. He says it is a hack but the result looks great. I have a AMD RX 580 and using higher settings of soft shadows brings the GPU to its knees. Using soft shadows is a huge performance hit ~25%. Lowering the shadow map resolution to 512 does not help much. But using this method should allow using low soft shadows and low shadow map resolution and still enable smooth transitions from shadow to light.
  9. Hi, I am currently working on my first mission. You can download the files from my google drive here.I would appreciate any feedback you could provide. I have provided the aas32, cm, map, and proc files. I don't think there is anything else I need to add. If I need to upload more just let me know. Thank You.
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