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  1. A bit more exploring and almost immediately I answered my own question. For anyone else needing a hint, I needed to
  2. Absolutely loved playing through this mission, especially all the detail in the readables. I found 8 of the secrets on my playthrough and came to this thread to get hints for the others. One remaining thing I can't locate:
  3. Just finished this today after spending many hours exploring everything. A very impressive mission with loads of little details to appreciate. Going to move on to number 2 in the series now. Many thanks for all your hard work @Bienie
  4. Aaaah, thank you - I had to up the gamma to spot it . Now to try and find the remaining secrets (got 8 so far).
  5. Nice mission, really enjoyed it. There are some secrets I can't find but what's really annoying me is:
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