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  1. <br /><br /><br /> I just did that - thank you! I think this mission is lovely and very original. I hope to find the elusive key in this new version. Is it lying somewhere in the snow? Or should I be looking elsewhere?
  2. Nope. I breezed through Outpost. Then started Crown of Penitence. Haven't gone very far in it as I'm wicked busy getting ready to leave for the States tomorrow. I had no trouble blackjacking everyone in Outpost - so I guess it's just the training mission where it's a problem. VR gaming is an essentially meaningless experience without a good old blackjack attack now and then. Does Dark Radiant allow for secret doors and library book triggers and such stuff? I'm itching to check out the editor, but really should finish my T2 fms first. There's a certain sameness about the textures that reminds me of T3. I hope DM can develop the same wonderful variance of texture, lighting and atmosphere that T2 offers. Maybe the later missions do more with this? The AI, though more realistic in some respects, are less REAL somehow - less endearing. I'm trying to think what could be done to give them more character and quirkiness. In T2, I'll take the time to pull an AI out of the fire so it won't get burned, even if there isn't any 'No Kill' objective. I feel bad if I have to kill one, imagining little AI children and wives crying at the funeral. They have personalities. But so far, in DM, the killing of AI feels like the killing of so many pixels and nothing more. Probably shouldn't be posting all this stuff here - way off topic. BTW - Thanks for making me your friend here
  3. It works! It works! I tried the fix nbohr1more posted and it's working perfectly. Thank you for all the help. What a nice bunch!
  4. Thanks for understanding my position, and especially for offering an alternative. I configured NVidia as directed, and hope that does the trick. BTW: The driver updater says I already have the latest ones installed. Will try Darkmod trainer again today when I have a moment, and will post the results here.
  5. Fit yourself for the best society, and then, never enter it.

  6. Okeeee - that all sounds a bit scary. I need this laptop for business, and mucking about with drivers has given me problems in the past. So I may have to wait until I get back home to Singapore to start this game on my desktop - it has a bigger better monitor anyway. The good news is - I got a copy of Doom3 and installed Dark Mod on my nephew's desktop here in Holland. It looks FANTASTIC! And no glitches so far. I can't wait to play it on my own pc.
  7. Laptop: Dell XPS1530 Windows 7 Ultimate Processor: Intel Core Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.5 GHz 3 GB installed memory 32-bit OS nVidia Ge Force 8600M GT I'll check about the upgrade to v1.02 - I may not have done that as I thought I wouldn't be able to play earlier fms if I did so.
  8. That patch got me in, thank you. I tried the training mission a few times - but the game freezes every time I go to black jack someone. I'll search the forum her and at TTLG to try and find an answer and write here again if I don't find one.
  9. Woohoo I'm IN! The menu looks great! Started the training mission - it's great that most of the things are similar to T2, and others are nicely intuitive. Still, it's enough different that things will feel clumsy for a while. Something about the graphics look a bit T3-ish. I can't wait to see if later missions are able to break away from that a bit more. Can players still lean forward (good old alt-w)? The wicki doesn't discuss leaning at all, but A and D work for left and right leaning. My thanks to nbohr1more, Serpentine, and Springheel for all your help in this.
  10. Thanks, Springheel, for the link. I did peruse the DM wicki a few weeks back, but will give the gameplay guide a more careful read. I haven't updated to the most current version because I read somewhere that you can't play older TDM fms after you update. Will that be true of the 1.03 update as well? It may be quite a while before I hear those tracks because I want to play the older missions first. I hope that TDM isn't spoiled for me with the new update. It could ruin the immersiveness of the game hearing your own voice coming out from a character - or creepify it.
  11. Thank you for the patch! Hello, and sorry for the late reply, but I was away without internet access for a few days. I downloaded the patch and allowed the overwrite. Do I need to play the original game and create a save (like for T2) before being able to run a TDM mission? The tutorial didn't say anything about that.
  12. The Dark Mod had fascinated me for a few years now. I finally decided to take the plunge and play a few missions - they look so yummy! I bought and installed Doom3. Then I downloaded TDM Updater into the right folder. Next I got the Doom3 patch from your downloads page (is it the patch?), and when I ran it got some error messages: -- I could not identify version of Doom 3 installed. If you are not running the English release, make sure to select the appropriate localization component to install. (when trying to patch) -- Couldn't load default.cfg. (when trying to run the patch or launch Doom3) -- Runtime Error! (when trying to launch TDM) Doom3 is version 1,0,0,1. It is English but was purchased in Singapore. Can it be patched, do you think? It's a legitimate copy, though I think old.
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