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  1. I don't know if it's just me, but the mine explosion effects on this and your last mission were THE ABSOLUTE, BEST MINE EXPLOSION SIMULATION I'VE EVER SEEN/HEARD on a video game. It was so very awesome and realistic. Oh, and the mission was excellent too. Thiefy in every way.
  2. OMG. This is by far the BEST FM I've played on The Dark Mod yet. It evoked all the best memories of Thief 1 and 2. Simply AWESOME.
  3. Ok guys, thanks for clarifying that. I'm having great fun with this mod, I wish more fanpack type missions were available! This is how Thief 3 should have been. I love the fact that massive levels are preloaded in one shot without any type of mid level loading.
  4. Is this a mod limitation, or is this up to the map designer to implement?
  5. For a mission pack, why do we have to install the missions individually? Is it possible in the Dark Mod to simply have a "continue" button to go on to the next mission? For instance, I'm playing the mission pack No Honor Among Thieves, and it sort of kills the immersion when after I finish a mission I have to install the next one, restart TDM, and then play it. I know it's a bit picky, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. Thanks!
  6. I could have sworn back in the days when the DarkMod first started, I remember reading a post where one of you guys (the leader of the team?) said that your focus was on making the DarkMod editor first, and then you were going to work on a full scale campaign (complete with storyline, missions, etc.). Did you guys change your minds at some point? I should point out that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the DarkMod. Playing the FMs automatically made me feel like I was playing Thief 2 all over again, and that's saying a lot. Either way, thank you guys so much for this mod. It feels great to be a kid again. :-D
  7. I'm not sure if this has already been asked, so I'll ask. Will you give us incentives to collect loot, to, let's say, get things like weapon upgrades? Not necessarily bigger badder weapons, or even MORE weapons to clutter your arsenal, but small, incremental upgrades to your existing weapons by way of, let's say, something like magic. You know, something like when you gained Constantine's sword in Thief 1 (even though it was said it was magical, I didn't notice anything magical about it).
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