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  1. While I did find Springheel's brushwork pretty questionable, I guess engine performance must also have come a long way during the recent five years, because I can safely say that the kind of performance issues that he's talking about in this video, just didn't happen to me when I fully opened up my basement with all its unoptimized brushwork. The framerate was capped at a nice 60 FPS no matter how I tried, and with visportals on top of this, and the complexities turned into "func_static":s, an uncapped framerate would just be obscene, at least for graphics cards only a few years old. I no longer have any worries about large areas and vistas - I'll just go nuts. It's gonna be fine.

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    2. Epifire


      Yeah, I actually have an Epi-art thread just for numerous art related questions I had. The goal was more so having all my old thoughts and community responses in one convenient place for me to go back to later.

      For responding to dead threads, we're pretty good about that here. Especially if it's your own topic you're just adding info to. Tagging and quoting an OP from a topic of ten yrs ago to a member who hasn't been online since, might be overkill though. 🤣

    3. Nort


      If you mean the thread about attachments, it's a thread that is linked to by the Dark Mod wiki, and it comes up in search results when people search about how to attach things to AI. I do not regret that reply at all. Maybe I did an unusual amount of posts in that thread, but I cleaned that up afterwards, and I'm proud of the result.

    4. Obsttorte


      @Epifire Still watching you. :P

      Oh, and my last post in that thread is only a bit more then a year old. It isn't necro if it isn't dead.

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