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  1. Sorry, another issue, I think. I've opened the safe in the City Council office, there seems to be loot in there but I can't take any of it.
  2. I'm just getting into this mission, and I've killed all the rats in the basement, but the last one won't stop glitching around. I can't pick it up to put it in the bucket. Edit: PS- What's worse, I think it's making footstep sounds, this is really throwing me off.
  3. Thanks. I kind of thought 'false positive' was the case but you never know. I'm going to the link Xolvix left to report this .exe.
  4. I've had this bookmarked for some time now, and finally got around to installing TDM. AVG is alerting that tdm_installer.exe is infected with "IDP.Generic". I don't know if this is a hiccup from AVG or if I should take this seriously.
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