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  1. changed setting "Uncapped FPS" to off and replayed some games that had dead ai and they are now alive and well. That must have caused all the problems. Thanks for the info.
  2. yes have "Uncapped FPS" set to on. - should I have set to off? - using version 2.06
  3. Thanks for all the response, and to the mod builders out there thanks for some of the best gaming that can be found bar none. At present I am playing Ws3 cleighmoor which has a no kill objective that I can't keep playing because during the course of time some ai somewhere else in the game has died - previously I have played Ws2 home again- before that Ws1 north- Vfat 3 art of revenge- Vfat 1- Poets and Peasants- pearls and swine- Accountant 1and 2- Alberics curse- -and several more that I can't remember --- maybe not all those games had dead ai lying around but most of these had more that should be. In the beginning of the problem, in some of the games I didn't start to notice right away but just assumed that a bug caused other ai to kill the other, but now it is apparent that something is wrong. I will try uninstalling dark mod then reinstalling. Another thought just occurred to me; a few weeks back I suddenly started having frame rate problems with some newer games and frame rate seemed slow so I searched for solutions and made some changes that I can't remember, but now I wonder if that could affect this sort of thing? some of the settings that I may have changed were: enabling Multi-Core optimization in Advanced video settings Disable Soft Shadows Set Ambient rendering to "Faster" Set Object Detail to "Lowest" Lower resolution Using full screen
  4. is there any way to disable the don't kill objective in games that have it, because the dying ai cause the objective to fail and stops the game-
  5. Has anyone found a lot of dead AI lying around while playing? I have been finding a lot of dead AI without any apparent reason. I had thought that they were killing each other but in several games there are half a dozen dead without any one around them. I have tried to noclip and watch but haven't seen any die but later when I retrace my path, they would be dead. This has happened in about the last half a dozen games.
  6. Don't know if anyone else is having trouble understanding the statue's words; - Could someone tell me what they are asking for- The only one I can understand is the
  7. Yes I am able to continue playing for now. I removed all other saved games except for the last few saves from the folder and it seems to be running ok for now. I have and the game is still stable. This is where it would crash when I used inventory items the last several times that it crashed. From the other posts I've read, I have a feeling the crashing has something to do with too many saves both quick saves and named saves. I haven't figured out exactly how to open the glass case and destroy the heart. I thought that maybe but I must be wrong. I'll keep trying. In spite of the problems with the crashing this is a superb game. My thanks to you and Baddcog for creating it and all the other authors that give their time to "give" all of us free entertainment. And thanks for replying so soon for this late post.
  8. I am a little late posting to this thread but I am just now playing the dark mod fm's. I am already addicted to this great game. The heart of lone salvation is everything a taffer would want in a mission. I want to say Super nice job to the authors. I have read about a few crashes here and there but one that I am having trouble with is identical to another member's... Stealth'91 I believe. It seems that after that when I scroll through my inventory the game crashes and leaves my resolution settings bleached out. If there is a solution someone has come up with, I haven't read it yet, so could someone give me a little help? I have just replaced my PC with a new graphics card but having to run old drivers to get dark mod to run with it.
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