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  1. Some of favorites. Not in particular order: Fight Club Memento Apocalypse Now Redux LotR: Fellowship of the Ring Saving Private Ryan American Beauty Pulp Fiction Kill Bill vol 2 Old Boy Donnie Darko Hard Boiled The Killer Spirited Away Laputa: Castle in the Sky Grave of the Fireflies Big Lebowski Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  2. Hippo


    Heh. Time traveling thief. Could be fun. Water arrows versus laser pistols. Hm, one could create a good parody game with this element: fantasy cliche's and scifi mixed together to get one psychedelic environmet. Terry Pratchett feat. Douglas Adams.
  3. Oh boy, those new screenies in the interview. You got my drool flowing! Um and yes, public IRC would be kinda nice. If it doesn't work out, you can always take it off. no?
  4. Yeah. I got to admit that he's TOTALLY FREAKIN' HOT! And it put me in shame.
  5. I bet you can pick locks with that - er... thing. And we already have SUCK IN animation in Thief 3...
  6. I mean, he's just teasing people (I think) for his own fun. It's good to put people on their tows. Oh and, if there're any beasts in your mod, I think a weapon of any sort would be highly appropriate to wield. I know I would even if it was just my Not So Witty Tongue... Ooh well, look at the time! Gotta go to sleep.
  7. I think we all saw trough Oddity's sarcasm. I still want that bastard-sword. It could cut the hammerites in half.
  8. You guys should totally add the Sword Gattsu uses in this anime 'Berserk'. I wonder if your thief can bypass a doorway with that... (Great anime btw.) Edit: added a better picture oh, and can't bother to start a new topic: can we get a direct link to these forums? It always throws me in to the Dark Mod page when refreshed. Pretty Please~~!
  9. Hippo


    Cheers, thanks all! And I don't even know you guys.
  10. Hippo


    Heh, I've a birthday on that same date. What a coincidence. It's two hours for me!
  11. Hippo

    New To Thief.

    I couldn't give a damn about hockey. I haven't never really been keen on any sports. Yes, call me a nerd. I've no life. Maybe that's why I'm writing on these forums.
  12. Hippo

    New To Thief.

    Curse you Swedish! *Points out that I'm from Finland *
  13. Oh boy! /me wants to push guards over the railing. Seriously though, looks nice.
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