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  1. This was definitely an awesome mission! I'm a little over 200 short of the loot requirement on Expert, though--any ideas what I might be missing? Also, I found a glitch no one else has mentioned: I haven't been able to finish this because of being short on loot, but otherwise, this is definitely going on my favorite missions list. :-) --Jennifer
  2. I'll disable UAC next and see if I can save with compression. For what it's worth, I already have Steam, TDMLauncher, and Doom3 all set to run as administrator, if that makes a difference. And a big thanks to Mortem Desino, Sotha, and everyone who gave input on this issue. I was finally able to finish HoLS without problems, and if this problem ever comes back, at least I have a workaround. :-) --Jennifer
  3. Old habits are hard to break--I've signed my name to my posts for fifteen years. I know it's not necessary, but by this point, it's just kind of...a thing. ;-) --Jennifer
  4. Thanks. :-) It's not really by chance, though--I did that painting as mock cover art for a book I'll probably never get around to writing, and the main character is a thiefy sort who was heavily influenced by Garrett. :-) (The model for the painting was actually my husband, who's never played any of the Thief games and felt rather silly posing for this cover ;-) ). --Jennifer
  5. Actually, it was more of a progressive problem for me, and primarily just in that mission. I did have the same crash a couple of times in other missions, but in HoLS, the farther into the mission I went, the more frequent the crashes got, until I reached the point where it was happening every time I tried to save. But When I installed a different mission, I was able to save with no problem (and when I reinstalled HoLS, the problem was back). So it's probably a combination of my setup and some aspect of HoLS that manifested the problem and caused it to get worse farther into the mission. It's p
  6. That did it! I set tdm_savegame_compress to "0" and was able to save without any problem. Of course, the size of the file went from 8.5 MB to 42 MB, but at least it worked. :-) The change isn't permanent, though--when I exit the game, the setting goes back to the default. Is there a way to make this permanent (preferably only for this mission, since the issue doesn't seem to affect all missions the way it does this one)? And now that we know it's apparently related to the save game compression, is there a way to fix it without having to disable compression at all? --Jennifer
  7. I wasn't sure exactly what I should type into the console, but I tried the most obvious thing: set g_flushSave "1". In order to confirm I'd set it correctly, I made a guess that simply typing g_flushSave by itself would show me its current setting, and luckily I guessed right--it told me it was set to "1". Unfortunately, after dismissing the console and trying to save, I got the exact same crash and the exact same error. :-( This issue doesn't seem to be responding to anything. It's also strange that I still get the same crash on save even after loading previous saves that had worked fine wi
  8. I assume you meant to change g_flushSave in DoomConfig.cfg, but when I looked at the file, there was no such setting in there. After uninstalling the mission, I added a line at the bottom of DoomConfig.cfg: seta g_flushSave "1". Then I reinstalled the mission, but I still got the same crash on save. Also, when I went and checked DoomConfig.cfg after the crash, the line I added was gone (I'd specifically uninstalled the mission before changing the file to make sure my changes would stay saved, but that didn't work this time). Possibly you meant for me to change this setting somewhere else; if
  9. Nope, I've never had any kind of crash on load. The saves that are created when I get the crash on save are obviously corrupted files, so if I tried to load one of those, I get an in-game error telling me the load failed, but I'm then free to pick another save and load it without issue. I haven't had a chance to install a different mission and see if I'm still unable to successfully save. I've had these same crashes on save from the very beginning, so I know it's not just in this mission, but it's gotten to the point where I'm not able to save at all. When I get a chance, I'm going to see if
  10. I checked DoomConfig.cfg, and the only thing that wasn't set as shown was useNormalCompression (mine was "0" rather than "2"). Everything else was the same as in your post. So I changed useNormalCompression from "0" to "2" and saved it. At first, the mission kept changing this value back to "0," so I had to uninstall the mission, change DoomConfig.cfg and save, then reinstall the mission, but I verified that after uninstall/reinstall, the value stays at "2." Unfortunately, doing this didn't help. At this point, every save now results in a crash to the desktop (same error as previously posted
  11. I'm relatively new to TDM and I'm nearly at the end of my third mission (Heart of Lone Salvation), but I keep running into a brick wall and I'm not sure if I'm even going to be able to finish this mission. Almost every time I try to save the game (either quick save or regular save), the game crashes to the desktop. I had this happen a couple of times in the first two missions I played, and I had it happen a few times in HoLS in the beginning, but I'm near the end and 95% of the time my saves crash and I can't go any further (unless I finish the mission in one go with no saves, of course).
  12. That was the problem--I was using the modified doom3.exe shortcut instead of using tdmlauncher.exe. Starting directly from tdmlauncher.exe keeps my missions installed. Thanks! --Jennifer
  13. I just downloaed TDM, worked my way through the training, and have started playing my first mission (Tears of Saint Lucia), but I've run into a strange problem, and searching the forums doesn't seem to bring up anyone else having this issue: I run TDM, click on "New Mission," install the mission I want to play, and TDM restarts with the new mission installed. All that works correctly. But when I quit the mission and quit completely out of TDM, the next time I run TDM, the mission isn't installed anymore. I have to re-install the mission every time (and wait for TDM to restart every time). Of
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