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  1. It's alive! That was the problem with the texture not loading, I had the material under to many subfolders (C:\Darkmod\materials\darkmod\muskofephesus). Putting the file under (C:\Darkmod\materials) finally worked.
  2. Oops, I wrote that from memory but the error was actually muskrance3_003_diff. The problem persists for all models I try. Is that material I posted valid? Could the map I'm testing cause problems like this?
  3. The material shader is just the .mtr file right? tdm_models_muskrance3_003 { qer_editorimage models/darkmod/props/textures/muskrance3_003_diff // editor image diffusemap models/darkmod/props/textures/muskrance3_003_diff // diffuse map }
  4. Thanks guys! I have a different problem now, in the console under fixglobaltjunctions it says [couldn't load image: muskrance2_002_diff] and the model is black. I have my textures in C:\Darkmod\models\darkmod\props\textures my models in C:\Darkmod\models\darkmod\nature and materials in C:\Darkmod\materials\darkmod\muskofephesus the texture is a .tga 512x512.
  5. I'm trying to learn how to get custom models into the Darkmod. I'm using ASE251.py 2.5.1 by Richard Bartlett, MCampagnini on Blender 2.63.0 which works to a degree, but as you can see the model is fullbright and has strange rendering errors. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is here? What exporters and Blender versions are generally used? Materials .ase Darkradiant seems to handle the files well enough. DarkMod
  6. I love the music and the story with all its characters. It's dark, deceitful and beautifully honest; nobody loves you and in the end you're just a guppy in a shark tank. The game itself is probably overrated particularly by the same types that lament the consolization of their favorite games. Personally I felt the city hubs had a strong grand theft auto vibe that I couldn't shake and I couldn't stand that melee combat was in 3rd person only and finally in the end I was forced to willingly make decisions that I wouldn't have made. I love these two songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onOr_E_
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