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  1. How's this? I took out some of the stripes.
  2. That's what the colour and symbol is for. Not to mention the hammer. I don't think anyone would fail to see the resemblance. (of course it would help if they both had the same symbol...still experimenting with that.) My view of the elite guards is that they would be Builders who had been with the church for many, many years, doing great work and training hard. They are now second only to the high priests in their piety and power. Their armour serves both a practical AND ceremonial purpose. It should be more ornate than the regular temple guards. Keep in mind that the colouring job is a little comic-bookish at the moment...they probably shouldn't be that bright.
  3. I don't know, I like the stripes. They make him look a little more ceremonial, a little more polished, and a little more dangerous. Changing it to solid colours makes him look very similar to the normal guard version. It was the decorative nature of the stripes that attracted me to the armour in the first place. As I said elsewhere, painting armour was quite common, historically. Here's the original picture I used as a reference.
  4. I always thought Burricks were kind of cute in the original. Especially the way they whimpered when you hit them. This concept is looking good, but take a closer look at the back legs...they look a little strange, like they need another joint or something.
  5. Coloured armour was quite common. The reference pic was black and silver...I'll post it when I'm home from work.
  6. Here is a coloured version of our elite builder guards. I've replaced the chain mail here too. I'm not happy with the hammer, but we'll work on the weapons later. This is actually based on a historical set of armour I found pictures of. Very cool.
  7. Fair enough. Variety is better. But how many different heads will we model?
  8. Taking some feedback from Alexius and Blackthief, I have made some changes to the Builder Guard concept. I have gotten rid of the chain mail...since Builders are so fond of metal, I decided their armour should be heavy plates, not flexible mail. I'll save mail for the city guards. I added shoulder plates so they can heft their hammers, and replaced the helmet with a skullcap. I also think all Builders should have goatees, giving them a slight spanish look. I have always thought of the Spanish Inquisition when I think of them. Hard, dogmatic, etc.
  9. I also have some original artwork that I will provide the team for use in paintings. Mostly landscapes and that kind of thing, as well as some portraits.
  10. You raise a good point Sparhawk. Fewer people will be reading all of the threads. I'll volunteer to scan the art threads and post or PM to you any agreements that have been made.
  11. Please post all comments and concept art for the Belchers in this thread.
  12. I have made threads for both Darkness Fall's craymen idea and god is my goldfish's Belcher concept. Please post anything regarding those projects in those threads only.
  13. Darkness Falls will be working on creating a creature to fill the roll of Craymen/Kurshok. That is, a mysterious humamoid race to populate deep out of the way caverns or pagan areas. I would prefer leaning more towards the craymen than the Kurshok. DF, post any and all work related to this project in this thread, please.
  14. I got a great book for Christmas last year. It's called "Village Buildings of Britain" by Matthew Rice. It is full of illustrations of different buildings, doors, windows, etc from places around Britain. Lots of stuff we could use. I don't want to break the spine, but here are a few example pages:
  15. I think you need to raise the nose and mouth a little bit. At the moment the face has very little chin, and the nose seems extra long. Here's a touchup to illustrate. I also thinned out the top lip a bit and gave him a more prominent browridge. I also made his cheekbones stand out just a bit more. Edit: After looking at this some more, I think I would raise the mouth up just a bit higher. Edit again: Ok, I've raised the mouth and made the bottom lip a little less wide.
  16. Well that's the key, isn't it? I can't do that until I get volunteers, which was the point of the message.
  17. I didn't think much of them either, although there WERE medeival doors with locks in the center. I'd prefer we stuck to the lock by the door. Our animation team will have to take a look at how that will work, of course. Actually, if we use the T3 style lockpicking mode, then we could pick locks at virutally any level. We wouldn't have to worry too much about clipping if we don't use 3rd person view.
  18. Yeah, he really doesn't need to know anything specific...we'd probably just need the graphic image. I suppose we could come up with our own retro-thief menu...if someone would like to take that on, that would be great. Something steampunky like the T1/2 menu.
  19. Well, I've gotten a few requests from people asking for direction in terms of concept art. I think what I'll do is post a few things that we need to have done and see if there are people willing to do it, for the moment. Currently, I'm going to put god_is_my_goldfish in charge of designing the arrows (since he has already done most of them, as well as the mechanical player tools (mines, flashbombs, etc). He has also requested the Belchers. I am currently working on character designs, including a few new Builder sketches. From there I'll move onto city guards and the like. What I'd like some volunteers for is: Player weapons: the sword is done, but we need sketches for the blackjack and bow. Main Menu: rough sketches of what the main menu might look like Beasties: We will need some kind of craymen or kurshok-like creature. Should be basically humanoid...something that could live underground or in pagan environments. If you can think of something that would suit D3 models/animations, so much the better. Environments: Any type of environmental sketch is good as a way of inspiring our texture artists and future mappers. Other things will have to wait until we sort out our priorities in the other threads. I'll update these later. If you would like to volunteer for what's already up there, please let me know.
  20. Something like that, but I'd prefer it if it were angled a bit. I noticed a piece of jewellery my wife had that looked like it might be useful. The pic is a little blurry: If we can combine something like this with your and Pak's idea, I think we'll be set.
  21. Having a master thief who has to look down at a ring to see if he is in shadows or not stretches my disbelief further than having some icons on the HUD.
  22. I don't think we should be thinking of the lightgem as something our Thief actually carries. He wouldn't need a piece of equipment to tell him whether he was in shadows or not. It's purely a tool for the player. So far, I like Pakmmanen's version the best. It doesn't look like it would have to take up much room, either. The only concern would be making sure you can see the arm that is pointing in the direction you are facing. Reading a letter might be difficult at that size, but we could always use the Red=North method used for the compass in T1/2.
  23. And can't movies be made with the in-game engine? That way we can use the model for cutscenes.
  24. As I posted elsewhere, if it's magic, it can have any sound trapped inside. The sound of footsteps, of whistling, of a few words spoken, etc. It might be neat if the sound was randomly picked from a list each time the arrow was fired. And once the crystal is broken, the sound is gone. No resuse. I kind of like the idea of a magic noise arrow.
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