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Found 6 results

  1. NVIDIA announced the 16nm Pascal GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 GPUs. The $599 GTX 1080 will be more powerful than Titan X, GTX 980 Ti, or two GTX 980s. Neither card uses High Bandwidth Memory like the top Pascal GPU, Tesla P100. Intel's Broadwell-E flagship enthusiast CPU, the Core i7-6950X, is expected to have 10 cores. AMD Zen mainstream desktop CPUs could have 6-8 cores. The architecture has moved from Bulldozer's Clustered Multithreading to Simultaneous Multithreading, which is closer to Intel's design and has two threads per core. Zen desktop CPUs will be released before laptop CPUs. There could be a 16 core APU in 2017. AMD's 14 or 16nm Polaris GPUs will apparently be cheaper and cooler, rather than trying to compete with the GTX 1080's performance. The Radeon R9 490 could cost $300. The Polaris GPUs will not have High Bandwidth Memory, which will instead be added to 2017 Vega GPUs as successors to the Fury series. Sony could launch a "PS4K" console using an AMD Polaris GPU and faster Jaguar CPU capable of playing the current PS4 games in 2160p instead of 1080p. It could also boost frame rates for the PSVR.
  2. Hello Dark Mod team and community, long time listener, first time caller here... I recently ran into a problem with TDM 2.06 when I upgraded my Radeon drivers to 18.12.2. I can't remember what driver version I had before that (I don't upgrade too often) but I was able to run GLSL and soft shadows with the same hardware I have now, but the upgrade broke these shaders. Besides rolling back my drivers, I can work-around this problem by entering "r_useGLSL 0". I held off on reporting this problem because 19.1.1 was getting ready to release and I was hoping the new drivers would fix this, but sadly they have not. The way the shaders glitch out is interesting, walls are only lit by half and usually along a diagonal line or a curve that doesn't match the light that should be cast by the source and meshes are sometimes cut into quarters or lit in . Sometimes things aren't lit at all despite being directly in view of a light source, and look like their normals have been flipped inside-out or something. Normal maps and speculars are also not working. Besides being ugly, you can't always see where pools of light are being cast until you step into them and your light gem tells you you're visible, which inhibits gameplay. In every other respect, the game seems normal, but broken lighting in a Thief game is a problem, so I'm playing 2.06 in "2.05 mode" for the moment. Here are some examples: - from "Sir Talbot's Collateral" with GLSL on (broken) and same scene with GLSL off (old lighting working correctly) - "Heart of Lone Salvation", GLSL on and GLSL off (please pardon the missing book on the table) I'm using an AMD Radeon R9 390 Series, 8 gb of GDDR5 VRAM Intel Core i7 2600K at 3.4 GHz Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 16 GB of DDR3 physical memory On the Dark Mod wiki there's mention of creating a game profile with Surface Format Optimization turned off, but that did not alleviate the problem. Have you guys seen this before? I think the developer Stgatilov had a similar graphical problem and reported it here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19752-tdm-205-weird-graphics-on-nvidia/ But his problem was on 2.05 and with Nvidia hardware, not AMD/ATI.
  3. OS: Debian Sid PC specs: e3 1230 v5 32 gb ddr4 ram sapphire rx 480 asrock e3v5 gaming/oc mobo 2 ssd drives As the title says, trying to change gamma or brigthness settings have no visual effects ingame when launching the linux binary. I've launched the windows binary with wine 1.9.x, where it seems to work but this seems to be a workaround for this isssue. I've removed the xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu driver from debian sid, because it was causing signal loss on the hdmi output for the rx 480. Without this package, my other games that were failing are launching fine
  4. Hey guys. I recently felt the urge to get back into DR, but have since built a new pc and migrated to windows 10. With the wx widgets versions of dark radiant I am experiencing a strange rendering glitch resulting in edges being distorted in a seesaw like pattern, among other things (see attachment). This bug does not occur on the GTK+ versions (tested with 1.8.1). I dug through the forum and bug tracker without results, but I am hesitant to file a bug report as I tend to overlook things and development has been on the back-burner anyway. Also the error may be caused by a myriad of other things, like wxwidgets' opengl render context, my gpu, windows 10, etc. (If you think it's a good idea I'll create a bug report.) So I was wondering if you guys have experienced similar issues and thus have any idea what causes this behaviour and/or know a fix (apart from using DR 1.8.1, obviously ;~). Relevant specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro GPU: Radeon R270 w/ 4GB VRAM Thanks in advance! PS: The render distance is also quite low, is that normal? PPS: tdm itself looks just fine, in case that matters.
  5. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7195/amd-frame-pacing-explorer-cat138
  6. Intel's Ivy Bridge chips launch using '3D transistors' Intel's 3D tri-gate transistors Wikipedia: Ivy Bridge (microarchitecture) Expect more news and reviews over the next couple of days. Rumor has it that Ivy Bridge chips might have an overheating problem related to firmware. Intel Core i7-3770K Review: A Small Step Up From Sandy Bridge
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