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Found 6 results

  1. _________________________________________________________________________________________ A Campaign for The Dark Mod We are pleased to announce that we are working on The Crucible of Omens, a full-length campaign for The Dark Mod, the moody Doom 3-based stealth game by Broken Glass Studios. Playing as the thief and adventurer John Welland Hadley, you will embark on a quest to find a powerful artifact inherited from a shadowy past. You journey will take you throughout The Dark Mod universe, discovering new and exotic locations and meeting new and interesting factions and c
  2. I like the single missions for TDM! But when it comes to single-player, my heart still goes to long story-based games... like Half-Life, Unreal, DeusEx, and so many others. First of all, I believe I read somewhere that TDM now supports multi-level campaigns. I understand they're a lot like single missions, but distributed as a single package and grouped under one list, and you must finish one to unlock the next. I was wondering if any were created so far, and are available for download anywhere... this is intended as a thread to mention them in. Second, I had a question: Is it possible to
  3. Hello . I am new here so you have to forgive me if i post this question on wrong section of this forum. My question is when will you guys relase The Crucible of Omens ? . Im dying of waiting . Best regards Fouba74
  4. Found this on "Cultura inquita". For me one of the most fascinating videos. Wouldn`t this style be perfect for some TDM-campaign-cutscenes ? watch the whole thing. Second half is kind of spooky. http://culturainquie...-l-l-e-z-a.html What do u say S.H. ?
  5. Some time ago I read something about a TDM-Campaign. Whats the status ? Is there something I can do ? Testing, make music....something? Will there be cutscenes ? Possibly created by Springheel? I would like to see his drawing style in the game.
  6. This idea has been on my mind for awhile and forgive me if I've mentioned it before but... When I look at the mission list, it reminds me very much of a Media Player or iTunes song list. Some of the same considerations seem like a natural fit for this area. Eg. If TDM ever breaks over 100 missions or so, finding the desired mission may become cumbersome so a search feature might be desirable at that point. So I began to think of the big discussions about making Sotha's missions into a Campaign. To me, each mission is it's own self-contained vignette. Yes the story is connected bu
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