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Found 2 results

  1. Currently I'm playing the "Perilous Refuge" fan mission. My TDM version is 2.07/32. I tried to change the FOV by the advanced video settings dialog to an higher/wider value. First it seems to work fine ( also I'm not sure after all). Then I tried to change it even more but nothing happened. The wider FOV only happens if I grap any object in game e.g. a candle holder, but switches back to the default FOV if I drop the object again. Can someone tell why this doesn't work ? In an older forum post I read of how to change the FOV by editing some INI file but I didn't tried this yet, also
  2. Hey there! So this is my first post here, and I would need some help for a few things. Here is my goal : I would like to create an original main character, with its own model, weapons, animations and voice acting. The gameplay won't be affected, though. Since the game has a first person camera, it shouldn't be too hard to edit : the only things we can see are the character arms and its different weapons. Thus, I just need to get the skeleton, models and animations, so I can edit them on Maya. The problem is that I am not really used to Dark Radiant yet. Do you know where I can find all o
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