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Found 8 results

  1. The Rats Triumphant (Halloween Contest 2015 Mission) Download links: MEGA (11 MB) ...and the mission downloader Design notes: The idea for this mission came from an old house in a side street where I go to my daily work. It had been dilapidated as long as I can remember, first as a home for beggars and some fairly disreputable people, then condemned and its windows bricked up, and now finally in the process of being demolished. As I went to my work and back, I could watch it disappear day by day, exposing its layers of construction until finally only one wall remained. But for all its r
  2. Male Voice Actor on Call with Dark Mod Experience Hi, I am Andrew Bartmess, a talented voice actor, who would like to do some work for you. HISTORY: You can find examples of my work on my website, www.everybodyandme.com. I have “done voices” all my life for church shows, my own amusement, and for D&D gaming, but am now getting traction professionally. My website has many faux-mercials, comedy bits, characters and my radio commercials for WDJO as well, showing off a variety of voices and styles. I am a 58-year-old man, but can be whomever you need: Major Bumble, Ben Franklin, Pirate Pete,
  3. Winner: The Rats Triumphant (Melan) Rankings: 1) The Rats Triumphant (Melan) 87.333% 2) Thief's Remorse (Airship Ballet) 82.738% 3) Golden Skull (Sotha) 80.667% 4) Spring Cleaning (Goldwell) 75.067% 5) Dead Drunk (Stumpy) 59.545% Calculations:
  4. Halloween Speedbuild 2 Contest 2014 Winners: 1st place: Briarwood Cathedral (author buck28) 76.44% 2nd place: Exhumed (authors Airship Ballet and Kyyrma) 75.80% Calculations: No offense buck28 but this result was a bit of a surprise with your mission up against the combined efforts of Airship Ballet and Kyyrma. That said the real deciding factor were the 6 top votes for gameplay in Briarwood vs only 2 in Exhumed. It'll be interesting to watch the votes after the contest and see how these fair over the years. Right now the sample data is so low this might as well be a tie (b
  5. What do you guys think? If we started a contest next week, would we have some entries finished before Halloween? Do we have any interested mappers?
  6. So the Unusual Gameplay contest idea seems to be the most popular and would allow most of the other popular choices such as Assassination missions to be part of the fun. Now we need to know what terms folks prefer and when they can participate. You can also pre-signup in this thread if you are confident you will participate no matter what terms are given.
  7. Per popular demand and fllood's great work collecting these ideas, I am opening a poll to see which is the preferred contest. There were no respondents previously about whether anyone was ready to join a contest but at least we can settle on the theme now and perhaps another poll for the desired time-table. Here is a link to fllood's post that has further links to descriptions of each theme: http://forums.thedar...post__p__300358
  8. Winner: Sneak & Destroy (Author: SeriousToni) Rankings: 1) Sneak & Destroy ( SeriousToni ) 73.95% 2) In Remembrance of Him ( RPGista) 70.85% 2) Rightful Property ( jysk ) 69.58% Calculations: Congratulations to all participants! Like Melan and many others have stated, all three missions were so good they can hardly be considered "beginner" at all. Edit: I have amended the results per RPGista's request.
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