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Found 3 results

  1. There seems to be a limitation regarding controllers (2.09 release, Linux / X11). The engine appears to not detect special mouse keys: In the Settings - Controls menu, I cannot map actions to some mouse buttons, they aren't being sensed at all. Tilting the mouse wheel sideways seems to register (as "mouse4" and "mouse5") but the forward and backward navigation keys do not. I noticed this a while ago but I don't need those buttons. However I'm trying to introduce the game to someone close: He needs to use a mouse with special buttons for gaming due to medical reasons. If non-standard mouse keys can't be mapped, I'm afraid this is a game we won't be able to enjoy. For this reason I'd like to ask if others can confirm this limitation, and if so can the engine be patched to solve it please? Thank you.
  2. Hey! With the Thief series the slow pace make them perfect games to play on the big screen with a controller, However TDM has a lot of keys to set up (like the original Thief) so mapping all the keys to a controller is a challenge and requires some compromises to be made. I've been playing with a Xbox360 controller for a while now, and think I have a good setup for TDM, with all or most of the functions mapped. For those interested, I thought I'd share it here, and ask for any input you guys have on what could be improved. The Dark Mod Xbox 360 Controller =============================== Main ==== LS: WASD movement LS Press: Crouch RS: Mouse look / Rotate (with manipulate) RS Press: Eyeglass A: Frob / Interact B: Use item X: Jump / Mantle Y: Lantern Dpad Up: Lean forward Dpad Down: Put away weapons Dpad Left: Lean left Dpad Right: Lean right LT: Parry / Manipulate RT: Attack RB: Change to Set 2 LB: Run Back: ESC Start: Objectives Set 2 ===== LS: WASD movement LS Press: Clear inventory RS: Mouse look / Rotate (with manipulate) RS Press: Drop inventory item Y: Cycle lockpicks X: Cycle keys A: Cycle maps B: Cycle readables Dpad Up: Previous weapon / Zoom Dpad Down: Next weapon / Zoom Dpad Left: Next inventory item Dpad Right: Previous inventory item LT: Shortsword RT: Blackjack LB: Creep RB: n/a Back: Quick load Start: Quick save And here is the profile itself. Copy+paste to a profile file, you know how it works of you use Xpadder: ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- DataType=Profile Version=2013.07.18 Name=Thief The Dark Mod Set1Name=Main Set1StickDeadZones=92,64 Set1DPadMode=FourWay Set2Name=Set 2 Set2StickDeadZones=92,64 Set2DPadMode=FourWay Set1Button1Name=Frob/interact Set1Button1Slots=Right Mouse Button (2) Set1Button2Name=Use item Set1Button2Slots=Enter Set1Button3Name=Jump/Mantle Set1Button3Slots=Space Set1Button4Name=Lantern Set1Button4Slots=L Set1Button5Name=Creep Set1Button5Slots=Left Shift Set1Button6Name=To Set 2 Set1Button6SetSelect=1 Set1Button7Name=Menu Set1Button7Slots=Escape Set1Button8Name=Objectives Set1Button8Slots=O Set1Button9Name=Crouch Set1Button9Slots=X Set1Button10Name=Spyglass Set1Button10Slots=G Set1DPadUpName=Lean forward Set1DPadUpSlots=F Set1DPadRightName=Lean right Set1DPadRightSlots=E Set1DPadDownName=Put away weapon Set1DPadDownSlots=Back-Tick Set1DPadLeftName=Lean left Set1DPadLeftSlots=Q Set1Stick1UpName=Forward Set1Stick1UpSlots=W Set1Stick1RightName=Strafe right Set1Stick1RightSlots=D Set1Stick1DownName=Backward Set1Stick1DownSlots=S Set1Stick1LeftName=Strafe left Set1Stick1LeftSlots=A Set1Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up Set1Stick2UpMouseSpeed=32 Set1Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right Set1Stick2RightMouseSpeed=32 Set1Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down Set1Stick2DownMouseSpeed=32 Set1Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left Set1Stick2LeftMouseSpeed=32 Set1TriggerLeftName=Parry/Manipulate Set1TriggerLeftSlots=Middle Mouse Button (3) Set1TriggerRightName=Attack Set1TriggerRightSlots=Left Mouse Button (1) Set2Button1Name=Toggle maps Set2Button1Slots=M Set2Button2Name=Toggle readables Set2Button2Slots=I Set2Button3Name=Toggle keys Set2Button3Slots=K Set2Button4Name=Toggle lockpicks Set2Button4Slots=P Set2Button5Name=Run Set2Button5Slots=Left Control Set2Button6SetSelect=0 Set2Button7Name=Quick load Set2Button7Slots=F9 Set2Button8Name=Quick save Set2Button8Slots=F4 Set2Button9Name=Clear inventory Set2Button9Slots=Back-Slash[uS]/Hash[uK] Set2Button10Name=Drop item Set2Button10Slots=R Set2DPadUpName=Prev. weapon Set2DPadUpSlots=Mouse Wheel Up Set2DPadRightName=Prev. inv. item Set2DPadRightSlots=Right Square Bracket Set2DPadDownName=Next weapon Set2DPadDownSlots=Mouse Wheel Down Set2DPadLeftName=Next inv. item Set2DPadLeftSlots=Left Square Bracket Set2Stick1UpName=Forward Set2Stick1UpSlots=W Set2Stick1RightName=Strafe right Set2Stick1RightSlots=D Set2Stick1DownName=Backward Set2Stick1DownSlots=S Set2Stick1LeftName=Strafe left Set2Stick1LeftSlots=A Set2Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up Set2Stick2UpMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right Set2Stick2RightMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down Set2Stick2DownMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left Set2Stick2LeftMouseSpeed=32 Set2Stick2UpRightSlots=5 Set2Stick2DownRightSlots=0 Set2Stick2DownLeftSlots=8 Set2Stick2UpLeftSlots=3 Set2TriggerLeftName=Sword Set2TriggerLeftSlots=2 Set2TriggerRightName=Blackjack Set2TriggerRightSlots=1 Any input is appreciated, and hope it is useful for people -Shadrach EDIT: Changed LB to Run, while Set 2 LB has Creep - figured after playing some more that Run+Jump needs to be possible and Creep is very rarely needed. There certainly are some missions where running jump is a necessity at some places.
  3. I finally got round to trying to play Dishonored and Mirror's Edge last night, and I've realised that I'm really out of touch with modern gaming (surprise surprise). It looks like having keyboard controls to 'turn' left and right (rather than strafe) isn't an option any more, so I can't use my usual Thief keyboard controls. Tried the WASD settings and, apart from hating having to strafe instead of turning, my left arm ached horribly after 30 mins. So it looks like the only hope I have of playing these games is with a console-style controller for Windows and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I've never used a console and I'd be surprised if I play anything much other than DH and ME with whatever controller I get. (Skyrim, Oblivion, Minecraft, CoD etc have no interest for me.) I'm inclining towards the Microsoft Xbox 360 Common Controller, while Obsttorte's suggested the Logitech F510. Any other recommendations? Or should I try something else entirely? All & any advice gratefully received!
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