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Found 4 results

  1. There seems to be a limitation regarding controllers (2.09 release, Linux / X11). The engine appears to not detect special mouse keys: In the Settings - Controls menu, I cannot map actions to some mouse buttons, they aren't being sensed at all. Tilting the mouse wheel sideways seems to register (as "mouse4" and "mouse5") but the forward and backward navigation keys do not. I noticed this a while ago but I don't need those buttons. However I'm trying to introduce the game to someone close: He needs to use a mouse with special buttons for gaming due to medical reasons. If non-standard mouse keys can't be mapped, I'm afraid this is a game we won't be able to enjoy. For this reason I'd like to ask if others can confirm this limitation, and if so can the engine be patched to solve it please? Thank you.
  2. Hello folks, I'm a Linux (Mint) user and in games I'm using the arrow keys for movement (probably the worst kind of gamer to most of you) since I'm left-handed. On both my Linux machines (Mint 18 and 19) TDM does not recognize the arrow keys and instead sets it to zero (0x00) on each arrow key pressed, making it impossible to configure the controls to use this scheme. However, the arrow keys on the numpad (8, 4, 6 and 2) are recognized as such, which is not what I want. I've also tried different keyboards and different system layouts (since I'm using a german keyboard with the respective layout), but no success. On Windows this is no problem, as all the keys are recognized correctly. Any ideas regarding this issue?
  3. Although the Dark Mod has already expanded the movement possibilities of the Thief games significantly, why couldn't there be more still? I actually got this idea from the atrocious poorly disguised loading screens that constantly hinder your progress in NuThief. I'm absolutely certain that a bunch of modders could program a better system than those so-called professionals in Canada, who were eager to sacrifice any amount of gameplay or control freedom, if it allowed them to implement body animations with even less effort. Usually in games, the player character has a cylindrical collider. Meaning that if he can't fit through something facing straight, he can't fit through at all. But what it we could simulate the character turning his body but facing forward with his head, seamlessly without any interference in the player's input or the character's movement? The idea is basically that if you come to a narrow passage, the game checks which side of the passage your view is pointed at. Either left or right. It's almost impossible to face 0° away from the surface normal, so your facing will fall under the category for left, or the one for right. When the player moves into the passage, the game orients the character's virtual body accordingly, and restricts the player's ability to turn the head based on which way the character is oriented in the passage. The player is also unable to crouch because that would take more horizontal space for the body. Now, when in this narrow passage, facing up and pressing forward would allow the player to slowly climb up the passage by leaning against the walls. The controls would be identical to climbing vines on a wall. If there is a window or ledge up there, the player could use the standard mantling key to climb up the wall that he's facing. The problem I could see with a system like this would be that players would have a hard time recognizing the possibility to do this kind of navigation in the levels. There isn't a ladder, or a piece of wood for a rope arrow. Just two walls close to one another.
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