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Found 3 results

  1. Quick FAQ: What is this thread for ? It is for discussing the narrative elements of a fan mission you're working on, and how they tie into the gameplay and technical aspects of the mission. If you're stuck with developing the plot for your FM, or are unsure of how to continue, or have the feeling your writing is not up to snuff, you can always seek advice in this thread. Why did you start this in the Editor's Guild ? Truth be told, I was seriously considering starting this thread in the I Want to Help subforum, but then I noticed (and realised) that most of th
  2. Will there be a Thief 5? I don`t know. Do I want a Thief 5 ? Based on Thi4f and T3 ? I think not. But if there will be a fifth part how can the plot be fixed? That`s easy: Make it like they`ve done with DALLAS `85/`86 / Season 9 Garrett wakes up and says to Basso during breakfast in theyre favorite inn: Man! I gotta real bad dream: There were witches, the keepers died and there was a plague and maaan, I couldn`t jump were I wan`t and I got some sort of superpowers. Some of the ale last night has been too fermented . Ok! But now back to business! But thank god, there`s the dark
  3. So I recently got into the dark mod, and it's probably one of the best stealth games to come out within the last decade. However, there is one little thing that I would like to bring up and it's one of the things that The Dark Project (or Gold) did better than Thief 2 which is commonly overlooked and that is the general lore of the world. For example: Thief 1 was full of all sorts of strange mythical places and a complex world that made you feel like you where apart of something bigger than pulling a heist off. Garrets story might have been really simple, but there was so much stuff underlyi
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