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Found 3 results

  1. Quick FAQ: What is this thread for ? It is for discussing the narrative elements of a fan mission you're working on, and how they tie into the gameplay and technical aspects of the mission. If you're stuck with developing the plot for your FM, or are unsure of how to continue, or have the feeling your writing is not up to snuff, you can always seek advice in this thread. Why did you start this in the Editor's Guild ? Truth be told, I was seriously considering starting this thread in the I Want to Help subforum, but then I noticed (and realised) that most of the FM development threads are in the Editor's Guild anyway. So, I decided to rather start this discussion over here, in order to avoid making it "orphaned". But I have a really minor storytelling question... Is it still okay to ask about it here ? Of course it is ! This is practically the only "official" thread on narrative design we have now, so feel free to ask about anything that's primarily related to the storytelling or characters of your FM, and so on... Do we already have any useful resources on narrative and storytelling design ? Oh, certainly. The Story and Plot Design article on our wiki, contributed by demagogue. You should definitely give it a read. Any other threads or articles you might recommend ? Sotha's Mission Design Tips article is also just as helpful as demagogue's (and quite entertaining in places). There's also the Inspiration Thread, providing mostly visual inspiration for FM building, and the Historical resources article, providing links and bibliography for topics related to period living and social history that could influence an FM's design and events. If you find any more in that vein, feel free to recommend them here, and I'll add them to an impromptu list. ---- Ladies and gentlemen, the thread is your's. ---- (Last updated: 18 April 2018)
  2. Will there be a Thief 5? I don`t know. Do I want a Thief 5 ? Based on Thi4f and T3 ? I think not. But if there will be a fifth part how can the plot be fixed? That`s easy: Make it like they`ve done with DALLAS `85/`86 / Season 9 Garrett wakes up and says to Basso during breakfast in theyre favorite inn: Man! I gotta real bad dream: There were witches, the keepers died and there was a plague and maaan, I couldn`t jump were I wan`t and I got some sort of superpowers. Some of the ale last night has been too fermented . Ok! But now back to business! But thank god, there`s the dark mod
  3. So I recently got into the dark mod, and it's probably one of the best stealth games to come out within the last decade. However, there is one little thing that I would like to bring up and it's one of the things that The Dark Project (or Gold) did better than Thief 2 which is commonly overlooked and that is the general lore of the world. For example: Thief 1 was full of all sorts of strange mythical places and a complex world that made you feel like you where apart of something bigger than pulling a heist off. Garrets story might have been really simple, but there was so much stuff underlying that it was ridiculous. The balance between Nature and Human Buildings (the evils of both show in thief 1 then 2), the lost city, the bonehoard, the elements of magic (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), and all this depth just in the world alone. Thief 2 was obviously dominant in the stealth department, but it didn't really bring nearly as much depth to the series and was really centered around the main antagonist. Now that doesn't mean that single missions can't have depth for example, I just beat WS1: The North and there was a lot going on in this mission and so much history behind the area and a lot of drama. However, it'd still be cool if there was a general lore or several general worlds or canons that could be built off of and added to. Now there actually is a innate canon with the dark mod, for example the builders, steam-punk, mideval, environment, etc but I it might be interesting to take it a step further. So what I thought might be a cool thing to do is maybe developing a general lore, or several different canons that mappers can decide whether or not they want to be a part of that. Say if this actually happens (or already is happening I might not have noticed it because I'm new) and there are 3 main cannons, mappers could decide whether or not to make additions to one of none of those cannons with a map and then it'd help sort of recreate the whole mythical world brimming with lore that thief 1 had. Maybe have a lore section or canon section on the wiki that would hold info on each lore, and what maps are associated with the world and whats considered canon for each lore and what is not, and I'm not really saying that they should all be stories written around a single main character I mean just the world, factions, workings in magic, etc could be developed and added onto making an interesting community made setting (or several settings). I'm not really saying this absolutely should or ever will happen, but I thought it would be an interesting idea to discuss: What I proposed and just lore in general.
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