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Found 4 results

  1. So, as everybody seems to have his own mapping thread, I thought about starting my own. I'm currently working on my map for the "unusual gameplay contest" and just set up a nice working elevator. I took a look one the multi-level elevator tutorial on the wiki and I think that my approach is much more easy to implement, so I thought I could describe it here. The elevator consists out of three parts: - a func_mover entity that will be our elevator-platform - the buttons that will control the elevator - a couple of waypoints, one for each floor what else do we need: a really short script
  2. Some games fade in player's view (from black) on spawn. I assume it's done to prevent player seeing certain things being spawns and such. So there is a delay between being spawned and seeing the world. I have a few things, particles in particular, that begin emitting at t he same time player is spawned. It doesn't look appropriate as I'd like for particles to be at full capacity when player is spawned. So I figured if I have a delay and the gradual fade in from black on the view, then the issue would be resolved. Is it something engine/game already provides (Doom 3) ? How can I achieve s
  3. Doom 3 question (probably applicable to TDM too) is below. I am not sure offhand, but can I spawn AI hidden? (via entity's property) Can I hide AI via script right after it spawns ? If yes, the question is if that AI is dormant and just hibernates until it's revealed via trigger or script ? Thanks.
  4. Not sure where else to write since TheDarkMod forums is the only remaining outpost for Doom 3 modding. I need to make a mover to move along a spline, when triggered. How do I set it up? Can a mover tilt, following spline's curvature ? Is there a way to attach player to that mover and drop player if he presses a key ? Thanks!
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