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Found 2 results

  1. Lately, I was fiddling with TDM frob shader, because often I find it too subtle for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, it works as intended, but it looks best in complete darkness. In more lit rooms, e.g. while putting out candles, it’s a bit hard to see whether you’re able to interact with an object or not. Modern games use Fresnel-based shader to achieve this, so an object gets a bright outline. This is very in-your-face and something more like the “atomic-blue frob” from Thief Deadly Shadows we all hated back in the day. That said, I think you can achieve some middle ground here. I couldn’t ge
  2. I would have liked to post this in the thread that had the upgraded shader that was created for windows where the water is running down the windows. Its likely? that we could use the window running water on roofs to get this effect but it would have to be scaled up. In Thief there is a shader with water sheeting down the roofs. It almost looks "veiny" and a bit like honeycomb in places because of the eddies flowing together from the sheeting action of water down the roofs. There are actually 2 different shaders going on here so I tried to highlight the water streams at the edges of
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