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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, guys. I'm currently trying to finish up my map, and the last thing I need to do is decorate my 3D skybox to look like a convincing forest. Since I had prior experience using these in the Hammer editor, I didn't think that what was available to use for this feature would be radically different in Radiant. The biggest issue I'm running into right now is a lack of models that are intended for use in the 3D skybox, trees being the most pressing need. I just wanted to double-check: are there any models made for this purpose that I'm not seeing in the directory? And if not, has anyone else found a good solution for this problem? I'm currently using patches to make miniature trees, but they look almost exactly like something a kindergartener would draw. Thank you very much!
  2. hi! i'm from doom3world.org and i've posted there this: http://uploading.com...7/portalsky.7z/ it's a change in the skybox code, it lets you create skyboxes that follow the player moves (a la HL2) but without scripting. i've added two new entities: - clasical skybox the skybox from ROE, doesn't follow the player, this is for compativility with old maps, uses the classic entity. - global skybox this skybox follows he player since he started the map, if you retrigger it or you come from another skybox you will get the skybox in it's current position, wich will be always correct since the player started the map because it continously follows the player - local skybox this skybox follows the player from the point where the skybox is set in Darkradiant, if you retrigger the skybox it will start from the same point set in Darkradiant. so it will always go back to that specified point while following from there the player moves. there is also an option for changeing the amount of scale the player moves are divided by with the keyarg "scale" wich is set to 16 (skybox is 16 times smaller then, but changeing this you could get a different scaling) keep in mind I've done this from the gpl source of doom, you can test in in doom, it's not addpated in darkmod. i've added all this new skybox source code straight from the gpl, you should just copy and paste it and compile it, there's already the linux binaries in there though, and there is also a testmap. credits: new skybox code: 7318 old skybox code adpated from ROE: Neurological, Ivan_the_B thread in doom3world (although they don't seem to be that interested...) http://www.doom3worl...hp?f=56&t=25275 what do you think? are you interested in this?
  3. Happy New Year everyone. I read Sotha's skybox tutorial and made myself a cubemap of a wooded hilly backdrop in Terragen. It renders lovely in game, except that it's too bright and saturated. I adjusted the lighting and colour in terragen for a bright moonlit scene, so the land looked right -- darker than the sky and with desaturated colour. But when put in in game the non-black parts of the scene gain a lot of saturation and brightness. Ambient light doesn't seem to have an effect -- or at least, moving my skybox in and out of the range of my ambient_world light doesn't affect it, and my ambient_world is set to only 8. All that makes up my test skybox is an info_portalsky surrounded by a cube of caulk brushes with my cubemap on the inside surfaces. I have no light in there that I could dim or remove :-/ Is it one of these parameters in the material file that's adding the illumination? I copied these from the tutorial, but I haven't been able to find out what "texgen skybox" does, for example. textures/skies/custom/yoursky { qer_editorimage textures/custom/skies/yoursky.tga noFragment noshadows nooverlays forceOpaque // so transparent windows can draw on top of it { blend add // so transparent windows can draw on top of it cameraCubeMap env/custom/yoursky forceHighQuality texgen skybox texgen wobblesky .0 .0 .0 } }
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