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Found 3 results

  1. Question: Is it possible to create a gui and in it display different sections of an xdata file but in different places? I can't really directly find this info in the wiki.
  2. Currently readme's are txt files, but when they're longer, they can't be displayed correctly in the Notes section of a mission listing. If they would be xData files, scroll-buttons can be added so that the whole file can be properly read. This is under the asumption that it cannot be done with unformatted txt files. My idea (if possible) is to support both formats, so readme's of current missions still work correctly. Otherwise I don't see it happening soon, because all the txt based readme's have to be converted, so a program has to be written to do that job in a non-painful way. I orinally posted this idea here:
  3. Hello! I am new to DR and I am trying to get some working readables in my map. Currently, I have my xdata and strings files (copied from St Lucia) placed in my darkmod/fms/project folder under strings and xdata. This works okay, but in order to see my edits to the strings I have to re-install my map. - Is there a way to place an xdata folder in the darkmod/maps folder where I keep my other working map files? Rather than having to re-install my FMS every time? - Where does the readable editor in DR place its xdata? Every time I open it is says failed to (Xdata Name) Sorry for such a newbie question, but I appreciate the help. I can't seems to find this info in the tutorials. Thanks!
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