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Found 2 results

  1. For all those wanting to do some map editing, here are some example shortcut & folder settings, current versions are Darkradiant 2.05 & Darkmod 2.04 -
  2. Hey there, I've been making a map for a few months now, and am finishing up with polish before I can pass it off for critique. One thing I want to fix is making it so that an instance of the model the_hammer_small1.lwo can highlight when frobbed, as the goal of my map is to steal this particular item. I understand that this particular model wasn't intended as a loot item (as I had to make it an atdm:loot_broach entity), but I figured getting a highlight wouldn't be too much work. Several hours later, I'm ready to pull my hair out. I've managed to make a .mtr file: sk/the_hammer_small_highlight { metal diffusemap models/darkmod/props/textures/thehammer_small_bronze_d_ed { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend add map models/darkmod/props/textures/thehammer_small_bronze_d_ed rgb 0.15 * parm11 } } As well as a .skin file, which is showing up in DarkRadiant: skin small_hammer_highlight { model models/darkmod/decorative/statues/the_hammer_small1.lwo sk/the_hammer_small_highlight models/darkmod/props/textures/thehammer_small_bronze_d_ed } However, the texture used in editor and the game isn't the bronze texture that I've specified, which makes me believe there's an issue with the .mtr file, either in its being read, or its syntax. Would someone be able to explain to me how to get this working? Much appreciated!
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